Fabric Festive Door Greeters

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Decorate your front door for the fall season with a Fabric Festive Door Greeter. It's a cute alternative to the customary wreath. Not just for the outside of your home, it can also be hung on an interior door or wall. Comes ready to hang by a loop on the back. Owl, 20-1/2" x 28". Turkey, 25" x 33". Scarecrow, 25" x 32". Owl and Scarecrow, plastic and polyester. Turkey, polyester.

  • Sweet handmade look
  • Over 2 feet long!
  • Welcome your family and guests
  • Details:
    • Owl, 20-1/2" x 28"
    • Turkey, 25" x 33"
    • Scarecrow, 25" x 32"
    • Owl and Scarecrow, plastic and polyester
    • Turkey, polyester
Fabric Festive Door Greeters

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