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3 Historical Cookbooks for the Ambitious Chef

Being a cook or a chef in the modern world is no easy task, but imagine what it was like before online recipes, temperature-controlled stoves, blenders, and nearby grocery stores. This is back when discount bedding was a fabric sack stuffed with hay, and quinoa had yet to find its way to North American dining. If you like to challenge yourself in the kitchen and learn a little history along the way, check out these 3 great historical cookbooks for the ambitious chef — available from The Lakeside Collection®.


The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving

There's a good chance your grandmother spent all summer growing and canning various fruits and vegetables. Rather than heading for cans of whole tomatoes or jars of sauce in the grocery aisle, just two generations ago most people outside of cities were making it all themselves. The small-batch preserving cookbook is a great way to connect to your ancestors, those both alive and gone, and find ways to really live a sustainable and independent lifestyle. You can make your own sauces and mustards, and enjoy garden peaches and strawberries in every season. Next year, as you put up your fall decorations, take a look at the surplus of fruits and vegetables growing in your garden, at a local farm, or available at the grocery store, and with the help of this book, try your hand at small-batch preserving. Just like grandma did!


Civil War Era Recipes

This fascinating anthology of authentic Civil War-era recipes talks about the rations of the opposing armies and how a shortage of just about everything — from meat to sugar to flour — drove the creation of these hearty meals. Although they didn't have light bulbs or reliable running water, they did have women's magazines, which is where the majority of these recipes were discovered for historical and modern use. Check out how our country of prosperity handled wartime through their dinnertime.

The Best of The Farmer's Wife Cookbook

Do you like fried green tomatoes and southern fried chicken? With this cookbook you can learn how to make these dishes in their original glory. Over 400 recipes are available in this well-known book, including an old-fashioned guide to pies and cakes, and traditional slow-cooker recipes. See how the chefs of the household were keeping it all together long before technological connectivity and easy long-distance traveling. These recipes were printed in magazines between 1893 and 1939, so you can see how meals and preparations changed after the Civil War and before World War II. From rations to prosperity and back again, it's amazing to see the historical transformation of this country through the language of home-cooked meals.

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