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3 Tips For Reading Aloud To Children

Most kids love having books read to them, but not all parents are gifted at reading aloud and making it fun. Here are 3 tips for reading aloud to your kids.

Do It Daily

Starting from birth, try to set aside a time every day for sharing a story. Make it a part of both your own routines and those of your children. Sit down with mugs of hot cocoa and take out a book to page through with your kids. By making it a part of your schedule you will be less likely to skip it if you get busy. In addition, it lets your children regularly exercise their listening and reading skills. The ability to listen is an acquired skill. It must be gradually cultivated. Reading to children every day reinforces that skill.

Activity Books

Pick The Right Books

In order to keep your children interested, make sure the books you choose are geared toward their ages and interests. Vary the length and subject matter of your reading and include both fiction and nonfiction. It is OK to read a little above your children's intellectual level to challenge their minds, but avoid long descriptive passages unless their attention spans are ready to handle them. Shorten them or skip them entirely to keep the story moving.


Make It Interactive

Ensure your children are involved in the story by making it interactive. Give one child the job of turning the pages as you read. Follow the words on the page with your finger so young children will learn that words are read from left to right. Point to the pictures and say the names of objects and colors, or encourage your children to do so. You also can ask a child to describe pictures, repeat phrases from the story, and guess what will happen next. Giving them activities associated with the story will encourage them to be active and critical listeners, which is an important skill for their continuing education.

You may not be a perfect reader, but this is one of the times when it's the effort that counts. The time you spend reading to your children is quality time all of you will remember in the years ahead. Just relax and try to have a little fun!

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