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4 Alternative DIY Bathroom Shelving Ideas

There are few rooms that require as many little items to keep it functional as a bathroom. These little items have to go somewhere, and with the little closet space most bathrooms offer, you have to get creative. Here are 4 DIY bathroom shelving ideas that will help you keep your bathroom spacious and find a place for all of your little bathroom items.


1) Baskets

Baskets hanging from a hook or mounted on the wall add texture to your bathroom. Bathrooms are traditionally painted with a glossy paint and have shiny floors, making the overall feel of the bathroom very smooth. Adding baskets changes the composition — like country meets city. Repurposed baskets are an option for alternative shelving ideas, both for wall-mounting and hanging hooks, and they are both simple DIY projects.

Bed bath storage

2) Freestanding

The three-tier-server isn't just for kitchens. Counter space is tripled by topping it with a three-tier-server to hold soaps, hand towels and makeup. It's a way to make use of vertical space without making the bathroom feel cluttered and small. The portability of the servers also makes cleanup of the bathroom vanity simple. A hanging three-tier fruit basket is a similar option if counter space isn't available.

3) Ladder

A repurposed ladder lends simplicity to a bathroom rehab project and generates more surface area for more towels, trinkets or hair care products. The ladder doesn't require installation, but a few planks of wood add more space to the rungs of the ladder to make them more functional.

4) Rope Shelf

A few pieces of lumber and some rope turn into a hanging shelf for the ambitious homemaker. It adds a rustic flare. Hung from a wall or ceiling, it operates as shampoo and soap receptacle; hung from a window with summer or fall decorations it adds an extra layer of privacy.

Creating the right bathroom storage doesn't require a complete design overhaul. With the addition of a few pieces and some inspiration, extra space is created without too much work.

The Lakeside Collection® has ideas and inspiration for bathroom organization. Whether you need to store extra cleaning products or a way to incorporate books for kids into the decor, we have solutions to create a harmonious and functional design for your bathroom.