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4 Back-To-School DIY Projects


Before you know it, the school bells will be ringing and your kids will be off to class. The kids still have a little bit of time to enjoy the summer, but a little preparation for the school year doesn't hurt. There are ways to combine the two to make the last days of summer both fun and productive. Here are 4 back to school DIY projects to get your kids ready to learn.

Decorative Desk

Every child should have a special place to study. Not all kids like to use a desk, but some find it very helpful to have all of their study gear in one place. Buying a desk is the easy solution, but building one or repurposing a desk is an end-of-summer project to keep the kids busy until it's time to hit the books. Desks can be imagined from all sorts of items, like an old changing table or crib. An old bookcase transforms into a two-sided desk if you have two students to work with, or for a younger student, you can even turn old cabinet doors into a floor desk. If your kids already have desks, let them get creative and decorate them. They can do decoupage, paint it with wild colors, or even use chalkboard paint so they can redecorate daily. Having a space they created themselves may make doing homework a little more interesting.

Daily Duties

Kids need a little guidance with organizing their homework. At school, teachers have charts and boards to help keep track of students' work, but at home, it's up to you to help them keep their work sorted. Putting together homework boards and study stations can be an easy DIY project to keep your kids busy and get them excited for school. The kids could spend a sunny afternoon in the backyard decorating hanging baskets to hold homework in their study nooks or dressing up clothespins to hang homework on the wall above their toy chest. For kids who have a busy year ahead of them, a pegboard can be turned into an elaborate homework station to hold all of their reports and papers in baskets, pockets for craft supplies, and bins for pens and pencils.

Relaxing Reads

Not all homework requires writing on a hard surface. Sometimes all your children have to do is read a few good stories for kids, and they don't need much more than a comfortable spot to get it done. For a fun summer-project-turned-school-accessory, help your kids make their own floor pillows. It's not difficult to sew a couple of yards of fabric together, but The Kitchen and the Cave has a great no-sew tutorial that will keep your kids busy for hours in their last few days of summer. It doesn't require a lot of materials either -- fabric, stuffing (if you do a lot of laundry, you can upcycle dryer lint) and scissors.

Pencil Projects

The one thing you know your kids need and inevitably lose are pencils. Keeping your kids pencils organized and in place can turn into a series of DIY projects. Have them spend an afternoon building desk organizers with PVC pipe or decorating repurposed flatware caddies to keep their pens and pencils in place. For kids who are good with a needle and thread, have them put together a pencil pouch to make travel between home and school easy. It's one less thing to put on your back to school list and one less day of activity planning before the kids head back to class.

The Lakeside Collection has dozens of products and DIY ideas to make the most of every season. Whether you need tools to organize your workshop or you're looking for projects to keep the kids entertained, shop Lakeside for great products at great prices.