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4 Games For The Fourth Of July

Our big mid-summer celebration is coming up. You have the food, drinks and invitations out, now you just need the activities to go with your Fourth of July bash. Adults can entertain themselves, but kids can sometimes use some prompting. And since it's the Fourth of July, you might want to get out extra linens, because water games are what you need on a hot day in July! Here are four Fourth of July games to get the kids excited.

Water Balloon Spoon Relay

It's hot outside, so getting doused with water won't be a problem for the kids in the Water Balloon Spoon Relay! It's just like an egg and spoon relay, only it requires water balloons instead of eggs and wooden serving spoons instead of regular utensils. All you do is fill up as many small balloons with water as possible. Divide the kids into teams of even numbers. Half of the team should be on one side of the yard and the other half on the other side. Have the kids use wooden spoons to carry a water balloon across the yard to pass on to the next teammate. If they drop the balloon and it breaks, they have to go back and get another balloon and try again. The first team to complete the relay wins.

Water Balloon Piñata

Fill up big balloons with water, but not too full. Using a string or kitchen twine, create a sort of balloon bunting (you may want to make several, depending on how long you want the game to go on) that you can hang between two tree limbs. Using a plastic bat (like a whiffle ball bat), have the kids line up to swat at the balloons to try to break them. If they break the balloon on the first try, they can move on to the next one, but if they don't break a balloon, they have to get back in line. The one who breaks the most balloons, wins.

Balloon Race

This one requires balloons, but not water. Designate a starting line and a finish line. Have all the kids pair off and blow up a balloon. At the starting line, have the pairs hold the balloon between them using only their heads. On the word "go", have the kids race to the finish line. The first pair to cross the finish line with the balloon between their heads wins.

Bean Bag Toss

This one is similar to skee ball, only it's outdoors and instead of tossing a ball into a hole, you toss a bean bag into a bowl! Gather big plastic bowls in different colors and line them up in vertical line. Select a spot to mark as the toss line (this should be determined by how big your kids are) and give each bowl a point value. The highest point values should go to the furthest bowls. Each player gets three tosses per turn. The one who has the most points at the end of the game wins.

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