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4 Kinds of Books to
Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Your kids' brains have been consumed by reading, writing and arithmetic for the last nine months — now they have nothing to do but play. According to researchers at the University of Missouri, kids lose a significant amount of learning skills during the summer months. While kids are not in class, there are ways to keep their brains working. Here are some types of books that will keep them busy and also keep them sharp.

Activity Books

1) Puzzle Books

During the summer months, there isn't a lot of mental challenge when all you have to do is get out of bed and go to the pool. Puzzle and activity books challenge children's brains. A couple of hours a week with their heads in an activity book sharpens problem-solving skills and provides mental stimulation. It's also a good opportunity to review lessons learned from the previous school year, so kids can maintain the knowledge rather than lose it.


2) Cookbooks

Look to the shelves in your country kitchen for three lesson plans in one activity. Cookbooks are textbooks in disguise. They sharpen math skills through measuring, fractions and increasing or decreasing amounts. Using cookbooks is also a fun way to interactively teach younger and older kids to read comprehensively through the execution of a recipe. They'll be so busy having fun they won't realize they've learned something. And, as a bonus, your kids get snacks at the end of a lesson.

3) Humor

Humor is a key component in both social and cognitive development, so pulling a funny book from the shelf can keep your kids reading, sharp and friendly. According to researchers at Stanford University, developing a sense of humor during childhood makes people resilient and helps them cope with stressful situations. Reading may keep kids' brains working, but the bonus of funny books is they prepare kids for hard times by showing them a good time.

4) Kids' Choice

According to a study from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, letting kids choose the books they want to read can be an effective method of getting kids to read during the summer. Researchers found reading scores of kids who chose their own books improved even though they weren't reading curriculum books. So if you don't know what books to get your kids, let them choose. They might learn more than you expect.

Whether it's a graphic novel or a book about bears, any book is a good book when it comes to summer reading. If a child's mind is being challenged, less knowledge will be lost for the coming school year.

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