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4 Tips For Finding The Right Vet

We buy our pets the best dog toys and give them their favorite food to keep them happy and healthy. When it comes to finding them a doctor we need to take it just as seriously. But just like with pediatricians, it's never as easy to find veterinarians as we'd like it to be. Here are 4 tips for finding the right vet.


Ask friends and families where they take their dogs and cats. They may not have the same needs as you and they may not be as picky, but having a little bit of first-hand information on vets may help you narrow down your list of potential doctors. In addition, they may even let you know if they've had bad experiences, so you'll know whom to steer clear of.

Internet Reviews

Reviews on websites like Yelp help you get an idea of what kinds of vets you have in your area, how they handle animals, and the kind of pricing you might be looking at. While some reviews may be biased, it's good to have a general sense of the kind of pet doctors that are nearby.

Ask Questions

There are a few questions you should ask potential vets before you commit your pet to their medical care:

  • Are they accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association?

    Vet practices must maintain high standards in order to earn AAHA accreditation. This is a system of checks and balances to make sure pets get the best care possible.

  • Does the operation offer after-hours care?

    Pets can get sick at any time day or night, just like humans. Most vets don't have an emergency room service, but they usually have partnerships with nearby pet ERs. You should know what their procedures are for after-hours care before there's an emergency.

  • What is vet's position on end-of-life care?

    Pet owners all have different views on how to handle different degrees of illness in pets. You want to make sure your vet shares your views so when your pet does get very sick, your vet will have you and your pet's best interests in mind.


When you have a short list of vets, pay a visit to each of the facilities. It's helpful to make an appointment, but even if you just show up to look around, you'll get a sense of the place and the doctors who run it. You'll be able to see how clean everything is, how the receptionists and vet techs communicate with patients, and get a feel for how pleased pets and pet owners are with the practice. As pet owners, we want our pets to be healthy and happy all the time, but illness is inevitable. On those occasions, we want to be prepared. The best way to be prepared is with a good vet.

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