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4 Ways To Add A Fireplace To Your Home

There is nothing quite like the warmth and crackle of a fire in the hearth. Unfortunately, many modern homes and apartments are not blessed with a built-in fireplace. Even if your abode has one, the upkeep and possible dangers of lighting a fire in your home may make you think twice before striking a match. Fortunately, there is a versatile alternative: electric fireplaces that do double duty as room heaters. They provide the flickering glow that makes the room feel cozy while adjustable heat settings keep you comfortable. With all the different sizes and styles of electric fireplaces available, one will be the perfect fit for your home. Plus, you won't need to chop wood!

The Modern Hearth

Electric fireplaces simulate the glow of a fire in one of two ways: LED lights flickering on a screen or light bulbs shining on a reflective surface, creating the illusion of 3-D, random flames. A ceramic or metal heater provides the warmth. Most electric fireplaces allow you to turn on the flames and heat separately—an option that real fires do not offer. The majority of electric fireplaces do not require special wiring or gas lines. You simply plug them in and turn them on. There is no need to clean a chimney or shovel ashes. Some models even have remote controls so you can turn the "fire" on from across the room.

Fireplace Inserts

If you already have a fireplace, you can convert it to electricity in minutes with an electric fireplace insert. There are many styles to choose from. A log insert looks like a pile of logs artistically piled on the hearth, complete with faux glowing ashes. Some are simply lighted piles of simulated logs, while others include a screen that displays the dancing flames. There even is a model that looks like an antique Victorian coal basket. DIY-ers also can build their faux fireplace and mantel around the perfect insert.

Fireplace As Furniture

For homes that do not have a fireplace, a two-in-one piece of furniture may be a perfect way to update your space. A fireplace heater built into an entertainment center or bookshelves has a distinctive look that also helps organize the room. Sleek, wall-mounted styles double as flickering art.

Standalone Fireplace Heaters

If you are short on space or funds, a standalone fireplace heater can give you the look and feel of a fireplace without taking over the room. For those who crave a vintage look, a reproduction of an antique stove is a charming finishing touch to a room. Cube fireplace heaters combine trendy, minimalist shapes with the timeless appeal of flickering flames. Smaller models are more portable and can be moved from room to room as your heating needs change over the season. The electric fireplace can become as much a focal point of your home decor as a real one. For the holidays, hang garlands and stockings from the mantel or top. Throughout the year, use it to display photos, collectibles, and more.

No matter which type of electric fireplace heater you choose, don't forget to take some basic safety precautions. Keep fabrics and other flammable items away from the heating element, and don't allow children and pets near the hot surfaces. Avoid plugging the fireplace into an overloaded or damaged wall socket.

Shannon Evans

Shannon Evans is the Supervisor of Social Marketing for The Lakeside Collection® and loves to help people maximize their budget for a better lifestyle. She also shares fun and helpful tips on our blog and YouTube channel.