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5 Activities to Keep Your
Tweens Busy in the Summer

Group of teenagers.

Tweens. They're at the age when they're too old for daycare and not yet old enough for a summer job. What will they do all summer? Here are 5 activities to keep them busy so you can keep your peace of mind.

  • 1) Make a List

    As soon as school lets out, have your kids make their own list of 50 things they want to accomplish this summer. Having them think of their own activities keeps their brains active and also sets them up for reaching goals as they grow older. Making the list itself will keep them busy for a while, and they'll have a set of activities to check off throughout the summer.

  • 2) Volunteer

    MThere are several volunteer organizations like Compassionate Kids geared toward helping kids help others. In addition to helping the community, volunteering helps kids connect with others, improve social skills and gives them a place to go while you're at work. Or, if you have time on your hands, there are organizations like the United Way, where you can volunteer as a family. It's an excellent way for you and your children to learn and give back to the community together.

  • 3) Cook

    They're not old enough to work, but they're not too young to cook. Have your kids plan components of meals once or twice a week without wrecking the kitchen decor. Tell them what main course you're planning for those days and have them choose, shop for and make the side dishes. Gradually add kitchen responsibilities and by the end of the summer they can take over entire meals. They stay busy and you get a break from making meals.

Kids playing basketball.

4) Sports League

Unlike weeklong sports camps, a sports league gives tweens a place to go regularly throughout the summer. In addition to giving them something to do, sports leagues keep kids engaged socially and help them learn to interact with adults and kids alike outside of the classroom setting. They also learn leadership skills, as well as team-building and project-management skills. Leagues also help kids stay in the habit of sticking to a schedule and they have the responsibility of performance and competition.

Sand Snowman on beach.

5) Christmas in July

Have your kids help you get a jumpstart on holiday planning. It may seem early to start on Christmas decorations ideas and gifts, but when Thanksgiving hits and you realize you have no time to organize gatherings, decorate the house, the tree and buy presents, you'll be glad you enlisted your kids' help while they were out of school. Whether you need to make Christmas tree ornaments or you want to do DIY gifts and crafts, it will be a good activity for your kids to start.

Just like adults, kids need structure to be productive when they have endless amounts of time on their hands. With a loose schedule and a thorough to-do list, kids can enjoy the summer and gain some skills while they're at it.

The Lakeside Collection has ideas and inspiration for kids' activities and crafts they need to stay busy this summer. From books to sports, we can help you keep your kids occupied.