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5 Benefits Of Summer Sports Camps

The last day of school is still a ways off, but now is the time to plan how your kids will spend the summer. Day camp, sleep-away camp, and church camp are all excellent options to keep the kids busy while improving some skills. Another alternative is sports camp. Even if your children aren't super athletes, sports camps provide fun experiences for everyone. Here are 5 benefits of summer sports camp.

Good Habits

The obvious reason to sign up kids for sports camp is to get them moving. According to the Centers for Disease Control, childhood obesity in adolescents has quadrupled in the last 30 years. Sports camps won't solve the obesity problem, but the earlier you get your kids involved in physical activity, the earlier healthy habits are ingrained into their routines.


By definition, just about all sports are goal-oriented activities. No matter how skilled a child is, sports camp is the ideal environment for setting and achieving goals. When kids are fully immersed in activities like practicing, doing drills, and developing new skills, they see and feel progress that may not be as evident when they practice for only an hour a day. That kind of growth fosters the desire to continue to set new and bigger goals.

  • Confidence

    At sports camps, kids are exposed to coaching and encouragement that they do not get at school and their regular sports leagues. Not only do they get encouragement from coaches, but when they achieve goals and exceed expectations, any limitations kids thought they had fall away to make room for their new-found confidence.

  • Social Skills

    While kids get plenty of exposure to other children in the classroom, school does not always require them to work together the way sports do. With sports, kids have to learn to rely on each other, encourage each other, and work together to achieve a common goal. To do any of these things, they have to learn how to communicate effectively. That is a skill that spills off the court or playing field to create a well-adjusted member of society.

  • Strategic Thinking

    Kicking the ball around and getting sweaty on the field keeps kids' bodies active and lively, but it also exercises their brains in ways reading and drawing books don't. Teaching kids how to score, dribble around an opponent, and anticipate his moves are an introduction to strategic thinking. It is a skill we need for everyday activities like driving, grocery shopping, and even job interviews. It's never too soon to teach strategic thinking, and it's always a bonus when a lesson is fun.

The Lakeside Collection has everything to get your kids ready for summer! Whether your kids are headed to sports camp and need fun gear, or you're shopping for outdoor toys and coolers for long days in the sunshine, The Lakeside Collection has fun finds at the right prices.