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5 Books For Self-Improvement
That Aren't Self Help Books

September is Self-Improvement Month, but you don't necessarily need self-help books to better yourself. Here are 5 types of books to improve yourself that have nothing to do with self help.


Cooking is something nearly everyone does but few develop as a skill. Creating dishes at home has many advantages over constantly eating out. It will introduce you to new, fresh flavors, and you can broaden your own horizons by sampling different ethnic cuisines. Cooking gives you full control over your food, which can lead to improved health. In addition to giving you a sense of independence and freedom, cooking and food bring people together. There seems to be a cookbook out there for every culture and region. Try something that looks adventurous and exciting.

Financial Guides

Personal finance is one of the most important skills you can have. Unfortunately, it is one that often is ignored in schools. Managing your money carefully can mean the difference between living well and barely getting by. Grab a good financial guide and learn how to save more and make your money work for you. Improve your finances, and you will be able to afford all the extras—from jewelry to bathroom accessories—you want.

Activity books

Hobbies and Art

Learning new skills and unleashing your creativity is a perfect way to improve yourself. Time spent crafting can be the ultimate "me time" where you make something beautiful. There are hundreds of books with instructions and designs for every craft and art from oil painting to woodworking. Put together a cabinet, or sew an organizer for baby toys. When you are finished, you will enjoy a sense of real accomplishment.

reference - self help

Language and Grammar

Sure, we learned it in fifth grade, but how long has it been since you diagrammed a sentence? In a world where so many communicate with text acronyms, it's the people who can clearly express themselves without resorting to long strings of capital letters who truly make an impression.



As our lives move at a faster pace, it is easy to neglect the spirit. Give your soul a tune up with an inspirational devotional book. They fall into two main categories: daily devotionals that have specific prayers and exercises for every day, and general devotionals that are less structured. While Christian devotionals fill most bookstores, there are many books that focus on Judaism, Buddhism, and more.

Fleur de Lis

The key to self-improvement is to keep your mind growing. The Lakeside Collection has affordable books, tools, and guides to help inspire you, all at incredible prices that will improve your budget.