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5 Educational Ideas
for Your Kids' Bathroom

We all know that kids learn fast, and they tend to pick up just about anything they see or hear, so why not make visits to the bathroom educational too? Here are a few bathroom accessories to help make learning fun!

World Map Shower Curtain

There are so many people who don't have any concept of geography. With a detailed world map shower curtain, your kids can learn a little about the world as they wash their little heads! This is a great way to get kids excited about learning, and can be very useful in encouraging those lazier little ones to actually take a bath or shower!

Bilingual Labels

We really love this idea for helping your kids learn a few words in another language. You can label items, like toothbrushes, shampoo, and even the bathtub, with their translation in another language! Just use a label maker and select a language. They'll easily pick up the foreign words as they learn the English words.

Bath-Time Books

Waterproof and foam books are also excellent ways to engage your little ones. Even if they're too young to know much difference between Dr. Seuss and cookbooks, merely reading to them will keep them occupied and entertained during bath time. Eventually they might be able to read or recount parts of the stories back to you!

Educational Tooth-Brushing Song

Most professional sources state that kids (and adults) should spend two minutes brushing their teeth, both in the morning and again before bed. In order to help your kids get the timing right, it's a fun idea to play a 2-minute song to keep them on track, using this as a chance to learn! You could play something like a shortened version of the "Fifty Nifty United States," to teach them all 50 states while they're brushing their teeth!

Numbered Bath Toys

There are tons of cheap toys kids can use in the bathtub to learn numbers and letters. You can find those that clip together to help with counting or to teach addition and multiplication. There are plastic and foam options, and all are a great way to get kids to recognize numbers and letters. Just remember to avoid small units due to choking hazards and the potential to disappear down the drain.

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