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5 Family Traditions
for the Fourth of July

Every family has traditions for each holiday. They keep us connected and familiar even when we live far away from each other. But as the family tree gets bigger and is spread further apart, the traditions start to get watered down. For this Fourth of July, here are 5 ideas to reconnect and start or renew some family traditions.

Ourdoor decor

1) Pick a Place to
Hang the Flag

The Fourth of July is a time to honor the country and honor our flag, so hanging the flag is a given. Create a tradition by adding pomp and circumstance to where, when and how you hang it. You don't have to have a ceremony, but involving the whole family to display it across the front porch or from the pole on the railing will give you a sense of purpose for the day and add a tradition to the festivities.


2) Pick a Recipe

A yearly custom of making a special dish for the Fourth of July is a way to involve everyone in the family. From shopping for the ingredients, gathering cooking utensils, measuring the components of the dish, to assembling it all — there is a job for everyone. On top of the effort it takes to execute the perfect dish, the senses of taste and smell evoke emotional memories. Year after year, every time someone in the family smells that special dish, they'll think of how much fun they had on the Fourth of July.


3) Pick a Beverage

Having a signature beverage exclusive to the Fourth of July will bring back memories of the holiday when family members enjoy it in other places and at other times of the year. It doesn't have to involve alcohol either. Your special choice for the 4th can be an all-ages drink with dynamic flavors — like coconut or mint — to make everyone happy.