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5 Halloween Makeup Tips

Headless horsemen, princesses in tiaras, sports heroes in NFL hats, and genies with their lamps -- they all walk side-by-side one spectacular night of the year. There's no limit to what kind of costume request you'll get from your kids for Halloween, so you have to be prepared for anything. That anything may include elaborate face painting -- but don't panic if you're not a makeup artist. Here are 5 makeup tips for a smashing Halloween costume.

Put It On Paper

Before you buy any paints, decide on a design. While it's not quite like painting on a face, first try painting the design on paper using watercolors or tempera paint and cotton swabs or paintbrushes to see how well you do. If you want to use your fingers to apply the makeup, use finger paint. If your design is too complicated, try another design that's easier for you to accomplish before you try it on a face. It's also a good opportunity to see how colors work together and which combinations are best for the Halloween costume. Once you have what you like on paper, do a dry run on your child's face.


To apply paint on a face, there are a few basic tools you can use that aren't that expensive:

1. Water-based paint is easier to work with than oil-based paints. It's easy to correct mistakes and removing it at the end of the night is less difficult.

2. Makeup sponges are good for painting a large area and for your base color. For instance, you would use a sponge for a base coat of white paint to create a skull.

3. Cotton swabs are good for most painting on top of the base paint. This is when you paint on flowers and fangs and fill in lines.

4. Paint brushes are good for fine lines and dots. Things like stars and other embellishments would be added using a paint brush.

  • Avoid The Eyes

    Having paint on your face is a foreign feeling. Kids may want to scratch or rub their faces and eyes when they have a layer of paint on their faces. While scratching a cheek and messing up the makeup is easily corrected, having paint near their eyes puts them at risk for rubbing their eyes and getting paint in them. Even if the paint is safe and non-toxic, you still don't want it in your child's eyes.

  • Steady Face

    Getting a child to hold still while getting his face painted can be a challenge even if they're trying to be motionless. It's up to you to keep them stable. While you're painting, use your free hand to steady your child's face and have them set aside any toys if they're distracted. Your work will turn out better and your child is a little less nervous with some reinforcement.

  • Powder Finish

    When the painting is done, dust the face with loose powder. Even a child's face produces oils that can mess with makeup. Powder helps soak up any excess oil to keep the makeup fresh for long periods.

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