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5 Ideas For Creating A Playroom

Little boy playing in a playroom

The weather is telling us we're going to have to move playtime indoors for the next several months, and with the holidays coming there are going to be a few extra toys to deal with. It might be time to put in a playroom to keep your kids occupied. Here are 5 ideas for creating a playroom.

Find It

Figure out a good spot in your house you can dedicate to your kids. A few things to keep in mind are temperature, brightness and cleanliness. Basements are an easy option, but they can be cold, dark and collect more dust than you might like. A sun room or even walk-in closets might be more practical options if there's an opportunity to put in a window.

Divide It

If you don't have a room to spare, you can always create one by dividing one room into two. You can do this by putting in a room divider or by making one yourself. Tall bookcases, curtains or wooden pallets can cordon off a part of a room to dedicate it to toys and games.

Sub-Divide It

Further divide the room by activities. For instance, put in a craft table in one corner for drawing, gluing and cutting out artwork. Put a reading nook in another corner for quiet activities. In another corner, create a place to play with toys on the floor padded with colorful carpet squares. It will make cleanup easier for you and playtime a lot more fun for them.

Mother reading a book to a baby in a playroom

Cushion It

Make the room a retreat for your kids; a place where they want to go rather than the living room and the TV. Create a cushioned nook for reading with beanbag chairs or even a pile of accent pillows where kids can sit. Make sure there are plenty of blankets as well so they can build forts on snowy days and get cozy when they need some down time.

Organized playroom with colorful toys

Organize It

Put in simple shelves and brightly colored bins to keep their toys and games organized. Create a corner where everything can be divided, compartmentalized and classified. This is a good way to ease children into the idea of chores and figuring out what goes where.

It won't be long before the kids will be doing playtime indoors for good. Putting together a playroom can be as big or small of a project as you need it to be, but if you put it together before you dig up your outdoor Christmas decorations, you'll be ahead of the game when your kids open their presents over the holidays.

The Lakeside Collection has ideas and inspiration for every room of the house. Whether you are looking for toys for the kids or you need kitchen accessories for holiday entertaining, Lakeside has a wide variety of products that will make your holidays a time to remember.