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5 Ideas For New Moms On Mother's Day

Mother and Child

Mother's Day is coming up. Our moms know what to expect from us every year: brunch, flowers, and jewelry. But new moms have different needs and desires than moms who have experienced a few (or many) Mother's Days. Here are 5 ideas to show a new mom appreciation on Mother's Day that don't have to do with dressing up in holiday outfits and going out to breakfast.


New moms are tired. Though dads commonly share household and parental duties, they don't quite know the fatigue that's caused by delivering a baby and nursing an infant at any and all hours. Give mom the gift of rest by relieving her of all motherly duties for the day. Shut off electronics, clean and spruce up the house, make all the meals, feed your baby and let your new mom sleep undisturbed for the day. If you really want to show your gratitude, do this for a couple days.

Say Thank You

Write it in a letter, paint it on a picture, say it in a poem. However you decide to do it, thank the new mom in your life for being your rock. You can express your appreciation in so many ways, but hearing or reading the words is priceless.


Your newborn is only going to get bigger, and the moments when they're small are limited. A special way to capture the time when your baby is tiny is by crafting something that features your baby's miniature feet and hands. You can do this with finger paint on paper, salt dough or clay. Make something substantial that will stand up to time. It's a gift the new mom in your life will cherish well into your child's adulthood.


There are many ways to dress up photos for a new mom that will make her heart swell. Collect all the photos of your infant and make a collage of baby's first year. You also can start a photo tradition by taking a photo of your baby in distinct clothing (a special print or stripes) in a certain spot and re-create the photo year after year to show his or her growth. Another idea is to start a scrapbook with crafts, baby booties, and photos that you can add to every year.

Do What She Wants to Do

For the next 18 years or so, the new mom in your life will put her children's wants and needs before everything else. For her first Mother's Day, let her choose something she wants to do. The thought may not have a lot of impact this year, but looking back at her first Mother's Day, she'll understand how much it meant to be able to do what she wanted to do for a day.

The Lakeside Collection has ideas and products to make Mother's Day and any holiday special. Whether you're baking mom a cake or you want to give her sentimental photo frames, shop Lakeside for sweet gifts at great prices.