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5 Life Lessons From Disney Villains

Disney villains use their gifts and powers for evil, but there is always a downfall. From Cruella De Vil to Captain Hook, we can all learn from where they went wrong. Here are five life lessons we can use from Disney villains.

Never Give Up On A Dream

Captain Hook chased after Peter Pan for years. He could have given up this single-minded pursuit and taken up the traditional pirate hobbies of sailing and pillaging and no one would have blamed him. After all, he had already lost a hand to the crocodile. Instead, the evil captain stayed on Peter's trail until the end. Sometimes, a dream looks hopeless, but you still should not give up. Chasing the things that really matter to you is a wonderful way to live.

Don't Get Carried Away By Ambition

In The Lion King, Scar's one ambition in life was to become king, which in and of itself is not evil. It was the murderous things he was willing to do to fulfill that ambition that are bad. As with animated lions, a little ambition in a human being can be a good thing. It pushes us to do new things, like redoing our homes with discount furniture. Without ambition, we would not strive to achieve our goals. But when you are tempted to do immoral things to fulfill ambition, it's time to take a breath and rethink what you want and why you want it.

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Embrace Your Awkward Moments

Cinderella is the very definition of beauty and grace. Her stepsisters Anastasia and Drisella are the very definition of awkwardness. They were not blessed with beautiful voices, coordination or balance. But they do not make any excuses for themselves. The big-footed Tremaine girls stumble and croak through the world, but they never apologize for it. They are who they are. While they act childishly, they symbolize that clumsiness we all feel sometimes. Even the most gifted of us has awkward moments. Only when you embrace that side of yourself can you truly be yourself and have a shot at glass-slippered happiness.

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Cultivate Your Own Personal Style

No one would ever suggest Cruella De Vil's animal-abusing ways are a template for a happy life. However, she does have her own unique look—albeit with a very evil twist. She does not look like anyone else in all the animated world of 101 Dalmatians. In a world full of fashion websites, TV shows and magazines, it is easy to embrace every trend and become a fashion victim. Instead, figure out what works for you and incorporate only the trends that match with that. Your personality is unique, and your appearance should be, too! Don't forget to make your home distinct with vibrant discount bedding, curtains, and art.

Make A Good First Impression

In Frozen, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is handsome and polite with charisma to spare. Naïve Princess Anna is so dazzled by his charm and attention it never occurs to her that he could have ulterior motives. That great first impression leads her to trust Hans, which puts herself and her realm at risk. While you may not be hatching a plot to steal a kingdom, putting your best foot forward helps the people you meet think of you in a positive light. A good first impression makes it easier to start a relationship, both with a business contact and a potential new friend. In addition, good manners always seem to be in short supply, and a little etiquette will make you stand out.

The villains of Disney are designed to thrill us a little while they make trouble for the heroes. But just because they're bad doesn't mean they don't have some skills that could work very positively for you. Take a few tips from the bad guys and girls, and you can reach your good goals.

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