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5 Sports For People Who Aren't Competitive

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The sporting world thrives on competition. In fact, most would argue that the level of competition is a major factor in determining the difference between sports and other games or activities. Lacking a desire for competitive activities doesn't have to hold back people from having fun and getting exercise. There are sports people can participate in that aren't all about winning or losing.

  • Martial Arts

    Karate, Jujitsu, and Judo aren't just for people who want to square off in the ring. Unlike most sports, the majority of action is internal rather than against an opponent. Though you'll be facing off eventually, the emphasis is on improving yourself, as opposed to taking down an opponent, making it the perfect outlet for those without a naturally competitive temperament.

  • Dance

    Much like martial arts, the forms of dance are endless and attract many people who are looking to engage in a challenging physical activity that don't obsess over the final numbers in a win/loss column. From ballet to ballroom and every style in between, dancing shares as much in common with the art world as it does with the sporting world, moving it from the normal extremes associated with competition to make it a healthy hobby.

  • Running

    Among all sports, running is often perceived as the easiest to understand and the hardest to perform. As rewarding as it is difficult, running has a wide variety of forms, and to keep most athletes in shape no matter what sport they play. Technically, running is a sport, but it's only as competitive as you make it. The option is there, but you can be a winner by meeting your personal milestones without ever pinning a number to your shirt.

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Rock Climbing

While a lot of sports involve competing against an opponent, in sports like rock climbing, winning just means making it to the top of a cliff. Rather than tallying numbers on the scoreboard, rock climbing challenges you to work your brain and encourages deductive thinking, like puzzles do. You're forced to manage angles and cracks to help you work your way to the top of the mountain.

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You don't have to join a team to be a winner on a bike. Like running, cycling combines a challenging physical activity that allows you to compete against yourself; it's up to you how much you get out of it. It's also an activity that can involve one person or many, so you can design your exercise to be a social activity and bonding experience or you can go solo.

While each of these sports can be as competitive as any other, each can also be tailored to suit individuals working at their own pace. No matter what your sport, The Lakeside Collection helps you gear up and get going with a wide variety of apparel for all ages and all occasions. From athletic pants to baby bloomers, shop Lakeside for practical products at practical prices.