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5 Storage Ideas For A Tiny Bathroom

No matter how big a bathroom is, it's never as big as we need it to be; but when the bathroom is extra small, storage can be a headache. Here are 5 storage ideas for the tiny bathroom.

Bins, Baskets, Trays

Anytime and anywhere you can install a bin, basket or tray, you're going to save space. Under the bathroom sink is an obvious spot in the bathroom. Use it to stow all of the products you need in the bathroom. Whether they're for cleaning products or makeup, adding bins (especially if they stack or slide) will give you more space to work with than if you just pile your products in one spot.

Wonder Wall

There are many ways to maximize your wall space besides adding shelves. Installing several towel rods frees up any closet or shelf space you were using to stack folded towels. Hooks accomplish the same goal. If you have jars of products like cotton balls and cotton swabs taking up space on the counter, you can mount them on a 2x4 and hang it on the wall as well.

  • Look Up

    If you have space above your bathroom door or window, install shelves for extra semi-hidden storage. It keeps your extra toilet paper or tissues out of sight and frees up space to make other items more accessible. If you're storing smaller items, you can invert stylish brackets on the shelves to keep items in place.

  • Vertical Space

    Doors (the entrance and cabinets) can be converted into storage space in a variety of ways. Adding magnetic strips to the inside of a cabinet door gives you a spot to hang accessories that may have been taking up space in the bottom of a bin. The magnetic strip keeps them out in the open and organized so you don't have to go digging for them. Over-the-door hooks and re-purposed spice racks also keep small toiletries out of the way and in place.

  • Shower Space

    There's never enough space for all your shampoos and soaps in the shower. An extra shower tension rod paired with small shower caddies and curtain hooks takes care of that problem! Because the tension rod is designed for adjustment, you can install it any height that's comfortable for you. This solution gives you a few extra spots to store all your shower essentials.

It can be difficult to find room for storage in a small bathroom. You have to be creative to make it work for you. If you're smart about your space and have the right accessories, your bathroom can be stylish and fit almost all of your bathroom essentials.

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