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5 Types Of Books To
Warm Up Your Reading


We have beach reads and summer reads, but when the cold winds blow, you may want to curl up with a different kind of book. Here are 5 types of books you'll be in the mood to read in the winter.

  • Something

    There is an old joke that classic Russian novels tend to be long because of that region's famously long winters. While there may not be a direct connection, the amount of time you spend cooped up indoors during the winter does present a chance to relax and read a long work. Big, thick books seem intimidating, but if you find a comfortable spot to sit and take it one chapter at a time, there is no book you cannot read.

  • Early Works By
    Favorite Authors

    Rarely do authors hit the bestseller lists their first times out. Often, the process of becoming a noted writer is years, if not decades, long. Along the way, there are a lot of minor works that show the writer's growing skills. Love that book that everyone's reading? Seek out some of the author's early books and see if there are sparks of the future genius in the pages.

  • Murder

    Distract yourself from the horrible weather by diving into a whodunit. Classic murder mysteries always are in season, and a complicated trail of clues will keep your brain buzzing. Or, match the cold weather outside with a Cold War spy thriller full of double agents and strange secrets.



Winter can be a time of lowered spirits. Meet this problem head-on with humor. From the fun of themed dining to the adventures of travel, there's usually a book that is a humorous take on a topic that interests you. There are humor books to make animal lovers smile and even people who are fascinated by strange-but-true facts. You can find a book for just about any sense of humor.


Correspondence Letters

In a world full of instant messages and email, it can be easy to forget the importance written letters once held, especially when bad weather isolated your ancestors. Once, it was common for friendships to be conducted primarily (sometimes solely) through letters. Take a peek inside a family of 19th century socialites through their letters or read as poets meet and fall in love through lively correspondence. Our methods of communication have come a long way in the digital age, and it's fascinating to read how people did it in another space and time.

In addition to the hottest best sellers, The Lakeside Collection has the housewares and bath collections you need to create a cozy home this season. Grab a book, snuggle up under a throw, and read the winter away with Lakeside.