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5 Ways To Encourage
Kids To Write Thank-You Notes

Friends and family members love to buy your kids toys for Christmas, and your kids love receiving them. While it's the season of giving, it's also a season of gratitude. However much kids resist writing thank-you notes, we know it must be done. Here are 5 ideas to make writing thank you notes a little easier for you and your children.

Set Aside a Time

Left on their own to complete thank-you notes, your kids will likely put it off as long as they can. Carve out a time in the day in which you can sit down with your children to write out thank-you notes. Chances are, you'll have some of your own thank you notes to write, so it's a task you can tackle as a team. Starting the project together gives you the opportunity to guide them through the structure and get down the basics of what thank-you notes entail. Go over what they want to say and how they can say it sincerely. Giving them guidance is a way to make sure the notes are well thought out.

Give Them an Example

Take a gift your child gave you for Christmas and write a thank you note for it. Show your children how nice--and important--it is for their gift to be appreciated and recognized. Make it as genuine and grateful as you expect your children to be when they write their notes for every gift--whether it's for toys, clothing or books.

Craft It

You may have special stationery or cards for your kids' thank-you notes, but you might want to try something a little more creative this year and make thank you notes a crafting project. Kids love drawing, gluing and painting. Once they have the idea of what they want to say, they can put together a creative card to show their appreciation. It doesn't have to work in that order; crafting a thank-you note first may inspire them to write something heartfelt to show their gratitude.

Make it a Game

You don't want to reward them for writing thank you notes--they were rewarded with the gift--but you can make it a contest and judge them on creativity. Make it a competition about how well the notes were written or how dazzling the cards are. The prize can be simple or elaborate.

Spread It Out

Getting all of the thank you notes done at once may be too much for a kid to handle. Thinking of creative ways to say they like each gift is taxing. Allow them to write a few each day over a set period of time. Distributing the work over several days allows their brains to sleep and come up with something new and original to each of their loved ones to make it personal and sincere.

The Lakeside Collection has everything your kids need to say "thank you" for all their Christmas toys. Whether they need art sets to craft the perfect thank-you note or they need a notebook to keep track of their gifts, shop Lakeside for the best products at discount prices.