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6 Ideas for a Child's Study Space

School is back in session, and the kids are bringing classwork home with them. To keep them focused, they need a study-friendly space. Here are 6 ways to make a homework haven in just about any room in the house.

Bedroom Study

Making a quiet spot in a child's bedroom is the easy solution for study space, but "space" is the operative word. In a small bedroom, consider a multi-functional fold-up desk. It provides a designated study space when it's time for homework and becomes part of the wall when it's not in use. Likewise, mounted at the proper height, floating shelves create storage for school books and notes, and they act as desk when you pull up a chair.

Lofty Ideas

If you're really short on space, a loft bed gives your child a fun and comfortable place to sleep, as well as a perfect homework alcove. A small table works as a desk; add a peg board for adjustable shelves and baskets to hold all the supplies or funny books your child needs to get homework done right.


If a bedroom isn't an option for studying, choose a place in your home that is free from distractions. A room without a television or computer that other people do not spend time in is perfect. Psychologists from California State University say multi-tasking leads to inefficient learning. Even the slightest distractions have an effect. With this in mind, create a desk in a spot good for concentrating. Just about any bare wall can be transformed into a study area. A conventional desk pushed against the wall works just fine, but even a table in a quiet dining room or sunroom works as well. Personalize the space by curating the backdrop with a corkboard in their favorite colors. A cute wall clock keeps track of time, and clipboards help children follow works in progress.

Room Dividers

Some rooms in the house are bigger than others, but putting up a wall isn't your only option for adding a homework nook. Room dividers—a curtain, a large bookcase or even upcycled wooden pallets—can create a new space with enough privacy to get schoolwork done efficiently.

Cupboard, Counter or Ledge

Wherever there's a cupboard, counter or ledge, there's a desk waiting to be created. In the kitchen, designate counter space as a desk or extend a pantry shelf into homework headquarters. The study spot can be permanent or temporary, but providing a place to do homework near you makes you available to answer questions and give kids help while you work in the kitchen.

Floating Study

A study space doesn't have to be in the same place all the time; in fact, a study from researchers at the University of Wisconsin and the University of California, Los Angeles suggests varying the places where you study may help you recall information more easily when test time comes around. The study implies your brain makes associations with your environment. If you're studying in the same place all the time, it doesn't have those associations to draw from during a test. For this reason, it may be beneficial for your children to have portable desks or even lap desks so they can study where it's convenient.

Whether you're looking for items to help your kids study or you need bathroom storage solutions, shop the Lakeside Collection to get all your home and school essentials at the lowest prices.