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6 Reasons Adults Should Read Children's Books

Children's books are full of lessons for kids, but readers young and old can all use some of that wisdom. Here are six reasons adults should read children's books.

1. Children's Books Fit in Your Schedule

They are fast reads. Children's and young adult books tend to be shorter than books targeted to adults. While you may not have time to read a 1,000-page novel, you probably do have time to read a 300-page book.

2. They Help You Connect with Kids

If you read books the kids in your family enjoy, it will give you something to share and talk about. Plus, children who see adults regularly reading are more likely to become readers themselves. By picking up a book, you set a good example for the young readers in your life.

3. Many Children's Books Have Hidden Depths

Even a simple story can have a lot of layers. For example, theories abound about the possible symbolism of the characters in the Winnie-the-Pooh books, inspired by A.A. Milne's son's toddler toys. If you reread the books you loved as a child or teen, you may find elements to the plot and characters you could not appreciate at a younger age.

4. They Rarely Presume Previous Knowledge

If you need to learn about a topic fast or want to pick up a new hobby, nonfiction children's books are a great place to start. These books start from square one, and they do not take it for granted you are already familiar with the material. In addition, they often are filled with pictures, maps, and step-by-step instructions, which books for adults often lack.

5. Escape From The Adult World Can Be A Good Thing

The life of a grown-up is full of worry and stress. It is nice to slip into a book where anything can happen. In these books, there is always treasure for the pirates to uncover, outdoor Christmas decorations can come to life, and animals can voice their innermost thoughts. While many children's and young adult books deal with serious topics, the genre also is packed with a lot of whimsy and imagination. Reading should be a relaxing pastime, and it is easy to relax in the world of children's and young adult literature.

6. Some Of Them Are Incredibly Well Written

Sadly, many adults think that the writers of junior fiction have no literary skills. It seems many readers are under the impression that authors resort to writing for children only if they fail at writing books for adults. That is not further from the truth. In fact, because children's authors cannot eat up pages of short novels with unnecessary paragraphs, they tend to be the most adept of writers. Many of the most popular children's writers, including A. A. Milne, C.S. Lewis, and Frances Hodgson Burnett, also wrote well-regarded books for adults.

No matter what you read, the important thing is to take time for yourself and enjoy your book. The Lakeside Collection has plenty of value-priced books, as well as throws, pillows, and more to help you curl up and relax.