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6 Space-Saving Bedroom Storage Tips

Whatever size bedroom you have, it just never seems quite large enough. Clothing, accessories and all kinds of other things just seem to accumulate and eventually take over your existing space. Here are 6 suggestions that may keep you from outgrowing your bedroom.

1) Go Under

You don't want to simply shove stuff under your bed like a little kid trying to get out of cleaning his or her room, but there is space there to take advantage of. Underbed boxes, bags and even drawers are great for storing out-of-season clothing. You may find similar pockets of space under certain dressers and other furniture.

2) Go Over

Add some slimline shelving above a dresser, desk or even on top of another shelving unit. It can provide spots for all those items that end up scattered around the room, including books, jewelry, beauty products and accessories.

3) Go Big

Oversized storage may seem like the wrong strategy to save space, but if off-season apparel is what's taking up most of your closet space, it might be a wise choice. Sweaters, suits, coats, and other bulky clothing can be packed more compactly in larger pieces. Plus, it makes it easier to move it all somewhere outside of your bedroom if needed.

4) Go Small

Sometimes it's not the big stuff that crowds your room, but all the little things that you leave lying around: spare change, cars keys, small perfume or cologne bottles, and the like. Smaller desktop-style containers can organize these items and can be stacked to help keep your furniture surfaces clear.

5) Go Tall

Just as slimline shelving can solve some space problems, so can slimline racks for footwear, hats and more. If buying shoes is your weakness, this may be the one item that really makes the difference. The taller the better if you're a true footwear fanatic! And don't rule out laundry room hangers that can free up your closets.

6) Go Away!

No, we're not being rude to you...just your things. Sometimes you simply have to make the hard decision to store some things in other places around your home. There's nothing wrong with keeping your less-worn wardrobe items in the basement along with those forgotten home accents. Prioritize your space to make the most of it.

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