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7 Apps To Help Your Life At Home

Smartphones and tablets have brought the power of computers and the Internet into pockets, purses, and tote bags everywhere. One of the reasons these portable computers are so popular is because a user can personalize them with software apps. For your day-to-day routines, there are hundreds of apps that manage everything from grocery lists to home repairs. Check out these seven apps that make life just a little easier.

1. Cozi Family Calendar & Lists

The award-winning Cozi is a powerhouse of family organization. Accessible from a smartphone, tablet, or PC, it's a calendar, list maker, meal planner and journal all in one. Anyone with access to the family account can change something--like add milk to a grocery list or schedule a date for a graduation party--from anywhere, and everyone in the family gets the update.

Compatible with Apple, Android.

4. Kindle

The free Kindle app from Amazon provides instant access to the online store's inventory of over a million digital books, magazines, and newspapers, including thousands of free titles. Enjoy classics and the latest bestsellers for all ages without stacks of clutter.

Compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry

2. About My Home

This app makes it easy to create a detailed list of everything in your house. It records the makes and models of appliances, room dimensions, paint colors in every room, and more. Use the app to e-mail yourself a copy for your records. The log can be easily updated and checked at anytime.

Compatible with Apple

5. BillMinder

Stay on top of payment due dates and avoid late fees with this handy app. Simply enter all the bills as they arrive, and the app organizes them by due date and issues an alert when it's time to pay.

Compatible with Apple, Android, Windows

3. iRewardChart

Featured on the TODAY Show, iRewardChart makes the chore chart customizable and interactive for mobile devices. Not only does it help parents keep track of which kids still need to clean their rooms, it also motivates children by tracking good behavior and assigning appropriate rewards. Parents can create custom rewards like allowance money or a selection of kids' toys.

Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows

6. Show Me Christmas --
Christmas Tree and Holiday Craft Ideas

Need some new ideas or professional tips for holiday decorating? Show Me Christmas combines 12 instructional videos and an interactive guide to take decorators all the way from picking a theme to tying the perfect bow. The app even provides a "recipe list" of everything needed to create the decorations. Just take the list to your favorite store or website to gather materials.

Compatible with Apple

7. HomeRoutines

Stay on top chores with this custom checklist app. Use it create daily and weekly routines, make and track to-do lists, and establish goals. The checklists automatically reset according to a schedule you select, which is handy for reoccurring jobs. Every time a task is crossed off the list, the app awards you a shiny gold star!

Compatible with: Apple

For home use, or any other apps you're interested in, be sure to check out what others are saying about it before you waste time or money on an inefficient app. In the always-changing tech world, you'll want to keep up by checking out the wide array of opinions available online, both from review sites and the comments sections for different app providers.

More than just games and music, apps and mobile devices are great tools to get busy lives organized.
The Lakeside Collection has a wide selection of decorations, rewards, home maintenance aids, and more
to help you finish the plans a cutting-edge app gets started.