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Arts & Crafts for Kids:

Easy Ways To Encourage Their Creativity

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
-- Pablo Picasso

We don't have an answer to Picasso's puzzle of life's hard realities, but it certainly helps to encourage your child's creative spirit when they're young and as they grow. While private lessons from a master artist would be nice, it's not realistic for most family budgets. But there are affordable arts and crafts activities that can inspire the artistic side of any kid.

A Fashion They Can Call Their Own

Handmade jewelry kits and other fashion activities show kids that their personal style doesn't have to be defined by name brands and big price tags. Making their own watch bands, bracelets, hair accessories, and other items allows kids to find themselves in the fashion world instead of slavishly following trends or marketing angles. And these kinds of activities are lots of fun to share with friends, too. They make a great addition to sleepovers and birthday parties.

Let Them Go A
Little Wild

You're only young once, so -- within the sounds of good taste -- indulge that youthful spirit by letting kids express themselves with outrageous room decorations or even temporary tattoos. Give them a bit of artistic space when it comes to colorful clothing accents and accessories too. They may cringe as adults when they look back at photos of how they chose to look, but they will appreciate the freedom you gave them as kids to experiment, fail and -- hopefully -- succeed with their efforts.

Deluze Sketching and Drawing Chest - 134 pc.

Cover All The Bases

It's hard to know what creative act a child will gravitate towards. A multi-item art set may be the answer. Pick out a drawing or painting set with options for different tools, materials and styles. Or buy a youngster a basic woodworking kit along with a set of paints and brushes. That way the child can paint or illustrate the finished woodcraft item, getting a taste of two different skill sets while working on the same object. Working on a model airplane today could lead to handmade bedroom storage items tomorrow.

Magic Mandala Art System

Let Kids Be Kids

While you want to encourage your child to fulfill all his or her artistic potential, don't despair if you don't see gallery shows and critical acclaim in the future. Even if kids' drawings never go beyond copying characters from favorite Disney books, or making model spaceships never evolves to refined sculpturing, they are not wasting their time. As with most things in life, trying different arts and crafts is more about the journey than the destination. Whatever a child's skill level, just keeping a hand in the arts will make them happier. Creativity is its own reward.

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Don't miss the great values on arts and crafts for kids and adults in The Lakeside Collection®. Whether your tastes lean toward Picasso or "Peanuts," we have products to help your creative efforts along.