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Back to School Party Ideas


In just a few weeks, the kids will head back to school! While you've had lots of quality time with them this summer, they haven't seen some of their friends since school let out. It's time for them to get reacquainted with their classmates and have a summer send-off before they have to pack their tote bags for class. Here are a few back to school party ideas to get your kids excited about fall.


School Snacks

Back-to-school party snacks should be fun and indulgent treats before the kids have to start their healthy breakfast and lunch routine. Cupcakes made in the shape of apples for the teacher, cookies decorated to look like school supplies, or a school bus-shaped cake can make the idea of going back to school exciting. They don't have to be sweet treats. String cheese can be shaped into pencils with corn chips topped with raisins for the tip! Kids are easy to please if your snacks are in the right shapes.


Snappy School Crafts

The party is all about having fun before the kids have to buckle down and start studying, but there's no reason you can't have the kind of fun that makes school a little bit easier. Set aside craft time so the kids can make things for school, like a DIY pencil case made out of duct tape, DIY crayon organizers made from soup cans that the kids can decorate themselves, a lunch money wallet, or bookmarks made from paperclips and buttons. Give them something useful and fun to make and it will get them excited for school.

Playground Games

The kids are about to surrender their three-month recess for books and chalkboards. Let them make the most of their last few days of summer with a few outdoor games. Try making a toss and talk ball to get everyone chatting. All you have to do is write questions about the summer or the upcoming school year on a rubber ball (a permanent marker is best for this). Have everyone stand in a circle and toss the ball to each other. When a person catches the ball, they have to answer the question next to their right thumb. It's a fun way to get everyone caught up on the summer activities and talk about how excited they are for school to start.

Back-To-School Survival Kits

It wouldn't be a back-to-school party without first-day-of-school favors! This one can be pretty easy; decorate little brown lunch bags with decals and pack them with little things to get the kids through the first day of school. A little notebook to plan the day, pencil toppers to make writing more fun or personalized pencil holder. Not only will they be prepared for the first day of school, but they'll have something to look forward to opening when they get their desk assignments.

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