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Back-to-School Tips to Keep Your Family Organized

Back-to-school is just around the corner. Bring on the school lunches, taking the kids to their extra-curricular actives and of course, still fitting in your other duties like working full-time. Getting back into the swing of things (or adjusting for the first time) can be a daunting task. We've come up with a few ways to keep everyone sane during this back-to-school time.

Start Sleep Schedules Now

During the summer months, many times children get off their normal sleeping schedule. Instead of going to be early, kids are usually playing outside, camping with friends and other fun summer activities.

Soon it will be time to get up early and a full night's sleep will be important to get them through the long school day. Introduce the new sleeping schedule a couple weeks prior to school starting. This will help everyone adjust before the big day.

Create a Family Calendar

Making sure everyone is on the same page can quickly become an unmanageable task. Having a central calendar in place can keep everyone on track. Dry erase boards, chalk boards or even shared electronic calendars all do the job. Decide what is best for your family and schedule, schedule, schedule.

Set up a Homework Area

It's important your child has a designated area to study. Make sure it's a quiet place with little distractions. Being able to stay focused is key when studying. Having an area just for school related activities like homework (this can be a corner in your child's room) helps on many levels. Not only can this space help your child concentrate, it also gives them a place to store all of their school supplies. Killing two birds with one stone, you get to keep things tidy and give them a special place to call their own during the evening.

Plan Lunch Menus Ahead of Time

Throwing together a lunch (or lunches) in the morning can create anxiety for you and your family. Instead, plan out all of your lunches for the week before going to the grocery. Once home, package them up on Sunday for the week. This is a little extra work on Sunday?but you'll be happy you did it come Monday morning.

Plan Family Activities

As the school year starts and progresses everyone's schedules seem to get busy. It's important to have family time scheduled in there as well. If you don't schedule it (add it to that central calendar), it could be a couple weeks before everyone is together again. This is a perfect opportunity to start a family tradition that everyone looks forward to. It could be as simple as ordering pizza on Thursday night, or going out to your favorite restaurant.

Back-to-school time is hectic for any family. Being prepared is half the battle. Try and reduce some stress for your family with these quick tips. We found some other great tips on Right at Home, so go check those out as well.

Shannon Evans

Shannon Evans is the Supervisor of Social Marketing for The Lakeside Collection® and loves to help people maximize their budget for a better lifestyle. She also shares fun and helpful tips on our blog and YouTube channel.