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Back to School: Dorm Room Decor Tips | The Lakeside Collection

Back to School: Dorm Room Decor Tips

Heading to college is a bittersweet experience. It's exciting to become your own person, but it's hard to believe you're no longer the little girl who played with Barbie or the little boy who played kickball with his friends. You have a lot of grown-up decisions to make, but some of them can be quite fun, like choosing your dorm room decorations! It's a small space, but there are tricks to doing it right. Here are 5 tips for decorating your dorm room.

Wonder Wall

Dorm rooms are bland by design. It's up to you to jazz it up. It doesn't take much to add character to your walls and make it personal. Pictures to remind us of our friends and family at home are the obvious decor selections, but you can really make them special by adding a little sparkle to the frames. Hot glue a few craft jewels to them or dress them up with washi tape. You can find washi tape in all sorts of patterns and colors to match your personality. You can even post your pictures on the wall without a frame using just washi tape, and it won't ruin the wall. Beyond pictures, create your own art display with a pin board over your study area for notes, cards or keepsakes. Use tack putty to keep it in place, and you won't need a nail and hammer.

Think Small

Your dorm room is going to be super small, which means getting creative with whatever space you have. Bring along some milk crates and stack them to make a TV or microwave stand. To make the crates easy on the eye, polish them off by draping stylish fabric over them to reflect your style. Use any empty spaces under the bed, desk drawers, and corners as storage to avoid clutter in the middle of the room. A good dust ruffle can cover up what you store under the bed and give your room a home appeal. If you have space in the closet, invest in shoe hangers to help minimize clutter and keep your room neat and welcoming. For the little things that don't have homes, you can make containers to mirror your personality. Consider making a DIY holder to where you can keep all your commonly misplaced writing utensils or decorate old shoeboxes for all the knickknacks you accumulate over the semester.

  • Dress The Deck

    The floors in your dorm are as dull as the walls, and they're probably cold, too. Add some pop with a colorful throw rug at the door or an area rug if you like to walk around your room barefoot. You might want to wait to see what your roommate thinks. A rug that coordinates with both your bedding and your roommate's can bring together a room and make it feel like home rather than a dorm. If you're a crafty person, you can even create your own rug using several different fabrics to create fun designs and textures to liven up the room. If you do it right, your rug can be fun and functional.

  • Add Life

    A new plant can really make a dorm room feel like home. Not only can you plant it in a fabulously crafted pot and add greenery to make your room lively, but it also clears the air! Plants act as natural air filters to make your breathing a little healthier. If you're not the best gardener, try to find a plant that doesn't require a lot of care. Cactus, succulents, and air plants are all great starter plants. They require sunlight but only occasional watering to stay healthy, so even if you forget about them they can thrive.

  • Show Your Holiday Spirit

    There's a holiday to be celebrated every month with decor to match! Put up a few skeletons and spider webs for Halloween and a few turkeys and acorns for Thanksgiving to show your enthusiasm for the changing seasons. For Christmas, make it spectacular -- hang lights, garland, and wreaths, and wear Christmas outfits to celebrate before heading home for the semester. If you're feeling really festive, set aside some time to do something big with the students on your hall, like a gingerbread house or create a big Santa and reindeer display. It takes away some of the anxiety from finals and it makes going home for the holidays a little more exciting.

Moving into your dorm room is the first step toward adulthood, and with the right decor, you'll feel comfortable away from home. The Lakeside Collection has everything you need to help you get the most out of your college experience.