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Bedroom Design Basics:
Easy Tips for a Stylish Sanctuary

It doesn't take a professional interior designer to create the fashionable haven every bedroom should be. With a few simple strategies, you can achieve the look you've always dreamed about for the most personal room in your home.

Modern doesn't have to mean cold

People tired of traditional bedroom designs often go too far in the opposite direction...creating a spare, unwelcoming space. But a contemporary look can be built on familiar and fun elements, like animal-pattern bedding or modern furniture in warm and welcoming colors. Sometimes just a couple of bold furnishings, like a brightly colored futon or hanging room decor, can give the whole room a daring yet friendly feel.

A more natural "natural"

A floral print bedspread doesn't automatically bring a garden motif to your bedroom. Don't simply look to illustrations or patterns to embrace a sunnier look. Sheer curtains in light greens or earth tones will let in more sunlight — and what could be more natural than that? Also consider adding framed landscape photography to your walls.

Chairs, Benches, and Stools

Small touches add a lot

Form and function have to work together to create an impressive style, and that extends to smaller items that might not jump out at you. In the bedroom, that could mean an elegant nightstand that complements your bed's frame. And an antique-look storage bench at the end of the bed is the kind of accent piece that can also clear the clutter from your floors.

Bedding Basics

Fusion isn't just about food

Trendy restaurants often combine seemingly disparate cuisines to surprisingly successful effect. They call it fusion in the dining industry, but it applies to design techniques too. Consider the striking impression a ruffled bedskirt that wouldn't be out of place in a Victorian bedroom makes when paired with a satin sheet set in a modern hue. Unlikely pairings sometimes have great results.

The values don't end with bedroom essentials here. From cooking utensils to home entertainment accessories, The Lakeside Collection® always offers low prices on the great products you need. And that special time of year is approaching, so be sure and check out our selection of outdoor Christmas decorations.