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Better Breakfast Month:
Healthy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love

September is Better Breakfast Month. Sugary cereals can entice kids out of their discount bedding and to the breakfast table, but we have ideas for healthy breakfasts your kids will love and give them energy to get through the school day.


Buckwheat is not actually wheat, but it's an excellent wheat flour substitute for those with gluten intolerance and it's packed with nutrients. Buckwheat is high in protein and fiber and it's a good source of minerals like magnesium, which aids in digestion, and potassium, which is necessary for maintaining muscle, nerve function and regulating blood pressure. Buckwheat makes a hearty pancake and a substantial waffle. Start your kids' day with a warm buckwheat breakfast and you'll all feel great.



Oatmeal has been an American breakfast staple for centuries for a good reason. It's packed with fiber and protein, protects against heart disease and certain cancers, and it tastes great — especially on a chilly morning before school. Aside from the overall health benefits, oatmeal is great in the morning because it gives you an energy boost and helps you feel full for extended periods. Oatmeal has more soluble oat fiber than everyday cold cereals which makes you feel less hungry longer. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, for the four hours after eating breakfast, participants who ate oatmeal had less desire to eat than those who ate regular cereal. That stretch of algebra problems and reading discount books between breakfast and lunch is a long one; oatmeal might just keep your kids satisfied between them.


Potatoes & Eggs

Potatoes and eggs get a bad rap — eggs for being high in cholesterol and potatoes for being starchy — but they're both loaded with nutrients we need every day. Potatoes have more potassium than bananas and they are an excellent source of vitamin C. What's commonly assumed is all of the potato's nutrients are in the (generally disliked) skin, but it actually only contains about 20% of a potato's nutrients. Similarly misrepresented, the egg contains one of the highest quality proteins found in food. The combined nutrients in eggs help maintain vision, strengthen bones, and prevent disease, just to name a few. Together (before adding cooking oil or butter), a whole potato and a whole egg only contain 180 calories; that's a low calorie meal that can keep you moving for hours.


Nuts are nutrient-rich and, if you don't have an allergy, they're a vehicle for anti-oxidants which can protect you from heart disease, some types of cancers and reduce the risk of stroke. In addition to disease prevention, they can help you lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. They're also high in fiber and an exceptional source of minerals. Adding a handful of nuts to your kids' yogurt and oatmeal, or even making trail mix with oats and nuts, is an energy-packed meal to kick-start the day.

Melons & Watermelon

Not only do melons keep you hydrated (they're about 90% water), but they're also packed with vital nutrients to keep kids going through the day and throughout their lives. According to Medical News Today, watermelon contains cancer-fighting vitamins and minerals, nutrients shown to reduce chronic inflammation, and it's also a source of vitamin A, which keeps skin and hair healthy. Add melon to your kids' breakfasts and you're giving them strength for the day and years to come.

Whether you're looking for new gadgets to help you whip up a healthy breakfast or you need curtains to dress up your breakfast nook, shop The Lakeside Collection for all your kitchen essentials.