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Books That Don't Cost A Fortune

While the rise of electronic books is grabbing a lot of headlines, it's far from time to close the cover on the old-fashioned, paper-paged book. This "hardware" you grew up with still has a lot of value, especially when you are cooking, crafting, spending time with children, or venturing near water. With no expensive device to buy, it's easy to find a bargain worthy of a three-volume saga if you know where to look.

Educational Wipe-Off Board Books

Childproof And Strong

Even the most optimistic of parents would pale at the idea of putting a pricey e-book device in the hands of a toddler. One temper tantrum, and that tablet is toast! However, a sturdy board book is an almost indestructible way to entertain and educate a young child. Classics like Pat the Bunny have interactive features like fuzzy panels to touch, googly eyes, and more. Here's a handy checklist of favorite books for young children.

Sets of 2 Boxed Memo Notes

Bring The Library Home

You can use books for more than just information and entertainment. Books and literary-themed pieces can make charming home accents. You can stash notepads in a box designed to look like a mini book. Serve your reading club with a book-shaped cheeseboard. Ladder shelving echoes the folding ladders used in many large libraries.

The Casserole Queens Cookbook

Recipes For Relaxing

When it comes to cookbooks, electronic books still cannot compete with the experience of a traditional book. From the glossy photos of finished dishes to marking the pages of recipes you want to try, reading a cookbook is relaxing fun for a chef. Low-priced cookbooks also make it easy to try something new and trendy, like cake pops.

Take A Mini Vacation

Books are famous for helping readers escape a rainy day or lose themselves in the pages of a story. Discount books are the perfect choice for your temporary getaway. Unlike electronic devices, they don't mind a little sand from the beach or raindrops dripping from the eaves of the porch as you rest. Escape into the romance and drama of the world of Nora Roberts, or get your heart pounding with the latest spy thriller.

Handmade Holidays

Holiday decorating can be really stressful. You want your home decor to be beautiful and affordable, but you also want it to be unique and memorable for your family. Grab some inexpensive crafting books and make the holidays all your own! Martha Stewart has a library of books with step-by-step, full-color instructions to show you how to create lovely holiday accents. Many Halloween craft books include projects that you can do with your children to build lasting memories.

Great books need not be expensive. The Lakeside Collection buys books in bulk at huge discounts and then sends the savings on to you. The books are the same as the ones you purchase in any book store or order from an online source - they just cost a lot less! Fill your shelves and your life with Lakeside.