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Books to Read During Pregnancy
that Have Nothing to Do with Babies

It's hot, you're pregnant and you've already read every book on babies you can handle. It's time for a break from babies, so here are three types of books to read during pregnancy that have nothing to do with pregnancy.

Humor history favorites

Crime Books

Whether they're novels or true crime, this genre requires active thinking from the reader. It's not like reading inspirational books in which the reader gains new perspective — crime takes hold of the reader by mapping out actions of characters, luring the reader down paths, and giving them ideas on how to find their way back. Crime books are very much like puzzle books in that respect. Readers get engrossed because they want to finish the puzzle — giving them intellectual satisfaction. It's an escape very different from giving your mind a vacation. While on vacation, your mind is given a break whereas a crime book gives your mind a distraction. For just a few hundred pages, you can pretend to be Nancy Grace and not think about the baby to come.


Baking Cookbooks

Whether you plan on executing a recipe or not, reading cookbooks can give you a break from thinking about being pregnant. Much like a novel, you can imagine how your recipe will turn out. Focusing on each ingredient — real or imagined — takes the place of thoughts of putting the crib together or what holiday decorations are appropriate for infants. Imagining sifting flour for cake batter or whipping up a buttercream frosting is relaxing and motivating. When the craving kicks in, carrying out a perfect eclair serves as an excellent distraction from your physical discomfort and what happens after the baby comes.

Romance Novels

A lot of anxiety comes with pregnancy and the inevitable tasks of motherhood. Romance novels are designed to sweep the reader out of the present and put them in a magical land of passion and promise — all the things people forget about when hit with the day-to-day workings of family life. Romance novels are fluffy, predictable and always have a happy ending. For a few hours a day, stop adjusting your home decor for a baby and dive into a celebration of love you don't have to think about. Add to your motherhood to-do list when you're done.

Reading a book won't relieve you of the discomfort of being pregnant in the summer, but it can take your mind off it for a little while.

Whether you're looking for a book to distract you from your pregnancy or you need new ideas to decorate your bedroom, The Lakeside Collection® has the inspiration you need. Shop here for all your home and family needs.