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Cooking Up Something Special

If you know a curious cook who loves to spend time getting creative in the kitchen, then a creative culinary gift is sure to warm her heart. We've got all the ingredients...just follow this simple recipe:

  1. 1) Start with our Set of 3 Handled Bakers and Terry Kitchen Towel Sets. Building from the bottom, use the biggest baker (green), and line it with one of the large terry towels. In our example we folded the towel into a square, and rotated it so the corners of the towel lined up with the straight sides of the baker, so that the points gently drape out of the sides.
  2. 2) Place the medium baker (red) inside the large, and line it with a couple more of the towels before placing the small baker (yellow) on top.
  3. 3) Push the red baker as far forward as it will go so that you can tuck The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook behind it. We found that this particular cookbook is the perfect fit, and will add additional stability to your basket. However, should your Curious Cook enjoy a different style of cooking, we offer other cookbooks that might spice it up perfectly. Just be careful not to go too big, or it won't fit!
  • 4) Insert the Giftable Breakfast Delights — Fruit Crisp mix into the yellow baker, pulling it towards the front.
  • 5) Arrange the Bread Dipping Set and Gourmet 4 Compartment Seasoning Jar behind the fruit crisp mix, using the extra terry towels to raise and prop them up so they can be seen. Accent the packages with ribbons and bows from our Holiday Flat Wrap Collection.
  • 6) Tuck additional gadgets, such as the Stainless Steel Cup Measuring Spoons and Cut and Serve Spatula, into the front and side of the basket. These, too, can be accented with ribbon, or substituted with other gadgets for a truly customized gift. Use the remaining terry towels as filler, folding and fluffing them to make the gift look full and fabulous.
  • 7) Roll out a piece of clear cellophane wrap, and place the finished gift in the center. Make sure your gift is positioned so that you have plenty of extra length in the front and back, with the shorter salvage on the sides. Pull the cellophane up around the gift, and tie it with an incredible bow. If the sides of the wrap weren't long enough to reach into the bow, fold them over neatly to close any gaps, and fasten with a small piece of transparent tape.

That's all it takes to make a delicious gift for your curious cook! Or if you've got too many cooks in the kitchen, keep in mind that, with the Set of 3 Handled Bakers and Terry Towel Sets, you always have the option of splitting the sets to create 3 separate gifts.