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Craft Corner: How To Keep The Kids Entertained In The Heat Of Summer

When kids outgrow their baby toys, it's a little harder to keep them entertained. This is especially true in the dog days of summer when it's too hot for them to play outdoors. Books are a great way to occupy your kids' minds and hands. Be prepared to keep boredom at bay by having a good stack ready for them. As soon as you hear them moan, "I'm bored," you'll be ready to reply, "Not for long!"

Jumbo Arts & Crafts Books

Start with one of those great big books filled with a variety of projects that kids can tackle on their own or with minimal adult help. These often make use of materials commonly found around the house, such as cardboard tubes from giftwrap, paper towels and toilet paper, empty OJ and milk containers, strips of old bed linens and more. Get into the habit of saving everything that might be used for kids' crafts.

Paper Crafts Books

Introduce your children to the ancient Asian craft that elevates folding paper to an art form with an origami book. Step-by-step instructions help kids create cranes, flowers, boats, dragons and more. The more active child might enjoy a book on making paper airplanes. There are many ways to fold a piece of paper and get it to fly. Let your children challenge other kids in the neighborhood to see whose plane can fly the farthest.

Kitchen Crafts Books

Turn your kids loose in the kitchen with a little help from a kid's recipe collection or cookbook. Certain foods just seem to be geared towards kids. Cake pops, gelatin desserts and popcorn creations come to mind. The goal is to let them have fun with food as they learn culinary skills.

Books For The Budding Artist

Most kids enjoy using their artistic talents. For those who like to draw, there are books that walk them step-by-step through the process of creating a likeness in pencil or ink. Books are available to help aspiring sculptors learn how to work with clay -- even the littlest ones can get started with play dough. And since almost all kids like to color, don't forget the traditional coloring book, a childhood staple for generations. Give them a whole range of colored crayons and markers to help with their creations.

Light bulb

Keeping your kids entertained can be as easy as having a few books on hand to pull out whenever boredom looms. The Lakeside Collection® offers a selection of books to pique the interest of any child.