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Family Reunion: Maximizing Your Sleeping Quarters

Hosting a family reunion can be a magical experience, but it can also be quite stressful. Something is bound to go wrong, but there are ways to minimize disaster risks. One risk you may face is with lodging: during the summer months, hotels fill up quickly and there may be someone who doesn't book a room on time or someone else may need to keep costs low. In those situations, you may want to open up your home to a few guests. Here are 4 tips for maximizing your sleeping quarters for your family reunion.

Creating Rooms

You may already have a guest room set up, but if you don't or you need more than one guest room, you may have to convert a space into a makeshift guest room. Rearranging the toy boxes in the playroom or nursery could give you just enough extra space to accommodate a temporary bed. A large walk-in closet outfitted with an air mattress and portable furniture works as a bedroom for a child or two. For adults, giving up your living room for a few days may not be a huge sacrifice. If your situation dictates privacy for multiple adults or several children from different families, consider using a room divider to create two rooms from your living room, study or basement. You can buy a folding screen for this or, using a few hooks and a cord, you can hang a curtain to give the illusion of two rooms.

Comfortable Beds

Bringing in extra beds for a weekend is not an option for everyone. For those of us who need a few beds, there are ways to work with what you have. To make a couch more comfortable, try using a bed topper or mattress pad to transform your living room furniture into bedroom furniture. An air mattress or two is a good investment even if you won't be hosting a crowd of people in the near future; your kids may be able to use it for slumber parties or a backyard camping expedition. Both the bed topper and a deflated air mattress are easy to store and take up little space when they're not in use.


It's easy to forget that you're making room for guests and all of their belongings. For every person that arrives at your house, there's a suitcase you'll have to accommodate. Make sure to store any loose decor from the tops of of end tables, bookcases, and dressers so your guests have a spot to put their luggage or unpack everyday items they may need while they're staying with you. In the bathroom, make sure to put away your personal items so people can move their stuff in and out of the bathroom easily and without getting their belongings mixed up with yours.

Special Requests

Though you may be the host, if you have a lot of guests headed to your house, don't be afraid to make requests of your guests. If you don't have pillows to accommodate everyone, have them bring one of their own. If they're they're traveling by car, it may not be an inconvenience and you won't have come up with 20 new pillows for one weekend. If your guests are bringing children, they may even be able to bring their own sleeping bags so you don't have to provide extra sheets and blankets.

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