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Family Reunion Games To Get To Know Each Other | The Lakeside Collection

Family Reunion:
Games To Get To Know Each Other

Every year, families get together for big parties to celebrate their clans. But with extended families scattered across the country, family reunions require some reacquainting and introductions as the family expands. For big families, it can be hard to get in face-to-face time with everyone, and you have to get creative to get to know each other all over again. A few good interactive activities solve the problem. Here are 5 family reunion games to get to know each other.

Family Trivia

A family trivia game requires a little bit of forethought. Send out an email before the reunion asking for fun tidbits of family history. Give them a few prompts: colleges, sports teams, marriages, children, major events or catastrophes that involved some or all of the family. Turn the information into trivia questions on cards. In order for people to get to know each other, split up into teams by counting off -- just like you did in gym class as a kid -- and have all the ones, twos and threes join forces for a fierce game of family trivia.

Getting To Know You

On small, separate pieces of paper, have everyone write down three things about themselves that no one else knows. Have each person put their secrets in a hat. Select one person to draw from the hat and read a secret. Have people raise their hands and guess whose secret it is. The person who guesses correctly reads the next secret. If you want to make it competitive, have the family split up into teams and keep score. You can use this idea to create a game of Likes & Dislikes, as well. Instead of secrets, have family members write down three things they like and three things they dislike to put in the hat.

Shoe Talk

Split up the family into two groups. Within those two groups, have each person write down an outrageous question on a piece of paper. Then have them take off a shoe, put the question inside the shoe and put the shoe into a team pile. Have the two teams swap shoe piles and each person pick out a shoe. In their socks and one shoe, they then have to find the person it belongs to and answer the question inside the shoe.

Two Truths And A Fib

Split everyone up into teams. Hand out a sheet of paper to each person. Have them write down two interesting facts about themselves along with something that is not true (but sounds like an interesting fact) about themselves. Have each person read their two truths and a fib and have the teams guess which one is a fib. The team that makes the most correct guesses wins.

Team Architect/Team Chef

Select three judges. Split up the family into teams (counting off puts them on random teams to get to know each other). If you're playing team architect, give each team a set of supplies. For instance: five paper clips, six craft sticks, tape and two feet of twine. Have them try to build something from their imagination with only those supplies. Have the judges decide which project is the best. For Team Chef, do the exact same thing only instead of supplies, they get ingredients to create a dish and plate it. The judges then decide who made the best dish.

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