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Five Tips On Hanging Pictures

It's National Photograph Month, so why not honor the month by honoring your home with some well-hung pictures? Here are five tips on how to put pics on the right peg.

1) Tools

You can use nails if you have to. If you do, use nails that are 1-˝" to 2" in length. A better option is to use picture-hanging hooks. They come with appropriately sized nails and provide more support to the picture than a naked nail. For larger pictures, use mounting hanger wall anchors. If you are hanging your picture on a plaster wall, you should use a drill with a drill bit that's smaller than your nail to make the hole for your nail. If you're hanging pictures on a brick wall, use a masonry drill bit and screws.

2) How to Position

Positioning the picture is very important. You don't want it too high or too low or your whole room will look awkward. Hold the picture against the wall at eye level for an average height man. Use painter's tape to mark where the top of the frame should go. Then measure the top of the frame to the hook to figure out where the nail should go. Use this measurement against the tape on the wall and mark that for the nail.

3) Protect the Wall

In the time that you live in your home, you'll likely move pictures several times, so it's important to protect your wall from unsightly marks. Before you hang your picture, apply small felt pads (used to protect wood floors from furniture) on the backside of each corner of the picture frame. This will protect your wall from the frame as well as help it rest on the wall evenly.

4) Protect the Picture

Try to avoid hanging the picture in direct sunlight. Sunlight deteriorates pictures and causes them to fade. This will extend the life of your photographs and add life to darker spots in your home. If you have blank spaces in sunnier spots, you can hang a mirror to give the illusion of having a more spacious living area.

5) Creating a Gallery

If you have several pictures you want to hang, you can create a wall gallery. They don't have to be photographs; they can be the covers of funny books or your children's art projects. To make sure you get the spacing right, trace around the edges of each picture on old magazines or newspapers and cut out the shapes. Tape them onto the wall and you can play around with the spacing and placement without committing to it before you hang your pictures.

Your home is a reflection of your personality. Adding photographs to your walls adds character to your house and gives outsiders an inside view of who you are. The Lakeside Collection makes refreshing your home for summer easy. You can find everything from discount bedding to kitchen gadgets for every season here.