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Unique and Creative Gift Basket Ideas

Holiday shopping for friends and family can get expensive — but if you think strategically, you can get the things people want without the high prices. Putting together gift baskets may be your answer to the thoughtful gift that doesn't cost a lot. Here's how to make a grand gift basket at the right price.

Forget "Basket"

Gift baskets don't have to be baskets if you're creative. Take something useful to the person you're giving the gift to and make it the packaging for your gift basket. For example, if you're shopping for a grandson who likes superheroes, a Spiderman duffel bag acts as the basket to be filled it with small toys he might like. The duffel bag makes a cute container for his other gifts, and he'll have a bag to put his clothes in for sleepovers.


Think of a central idea for your gift basket and build on that theme with other gifts. Think about what that person loves to do and buy items related to that idea. One idea for the loved one who is very spiritual and introspective, buy her a journal with religious thoughts on the cover, a bracelet with a cross on it and package it in a sparkling candle holder. They're all separate gifts, but their purposes complement each other.

Size & Sort

When you're selecting gifts for your basket, keep in mind the size of each item — vary the sizes to make arranging them interesting and appealing to the person you're giving it to. When you're organizing the gifts, put the larger items in the back and let the items get smaller as you work your way to the front of the basket. With the continuity and progressive order of the items, the basket is easy on the eye and pleasing to your loved one. Quick tip: Remove the original packaging if it doesn't fit quite right.

Bulk Up

Gift baskets usually need some finessing and a little bit of manipulation to make it just so. Certain items may need to look taller than they are: you can raise them by putting a little bit of bubble wrap or crinkle paper underneath them. If the basket doesn't look quite filled out, you can pad the gaps with fluffed tissue paper to make it look more bountiful. If you choose a container that is bendable, it may need cardboard reinforcement to make it stiff and sturdy.

Finishing Touches

Gift baskets are designed to be delivered without wrapping paper, but you may decide it needs to be contained. Cellophane is an option, but regular wrapping paper works, too. Make sure there's enough paper to create a big pouch around the gift as well enough paper that ribbon can be tied around the top. If you're not planning to wrap the basket, a good bow or curly ribbon adds glitz to your gift.

Here are some gift basket ideas we've put together at The Lakeside Collection to give you inspiration:

Curious Cook

For the get-up-and-go gourmet, you don't have to give them a fancy kitchen appliance to present them with a spectacular gift. A Handled Baker as your gift basket, cushioned with Terry Kitchen Towels and load with kitchen accoutrement — Giftable Breakfast Delights batter mixes, a Cut and Serve Spatula, Seasoning Jars, Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, and The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook can be mixed and matched to please any kind of cook. It's an exciting present for ambitious amateurs, curious cooks or gifted gourmets alike. Click here for details on how to put this basket together.

Crazy for Camo

Everyone has someone in their life with a camouflage compulsion! You can help feed that passion with a carefully curated gift pack. From head to toe, cloak this person — man or woman — in camouflage. Mossy Oak mugs and wine glasses in disguise fill a deer duffle bag. If you want to know how to replicate this basket, click here for more information.

Fancy Fan Gift Baskets

Fancy Fan

A lady doesn't have to be a tomboy to be a sports fan with this gift pack! With sassy NFL Leopard Print Knee-High socks with her favorite team's logo pairs nicely with the sparkly NFL Earring and Pendant sets every day is game day! But when her team is getting down to business against its rival, she'll need to be plied with food and drinks! NFL Gameday Sculpted Bowl adds team spirit to the cheese dip and she'll raise her NFL Wine Glass to the team that makes Sundays at her house lively. For details on how to make this gift pack, click here.

Fascinating Fashionista Gift Baskets

Fascinating Fashionista

For the woman who always looks fabulous, you don't have to give her a gift with a designer price tag. A few simple gifts — Nail Art with Glitz and Glam, Gift Boxed Spa Set — prepare her for looking marvelous. While a few accessories like the Fringe Pendant Scarves and Animal Print Sunglasses add to the legendary layers this lady is known for putting together. Held together with colorful Purse Organizer Inserts, it impresses the impressive dresser. Click here to learn how to make this same package at home.

Pet Lover

Any gift for a pet is a gift for a pet lover. Bring them both joy and good night's sleep with the Pet Cave as your gift container. When Fido is up and keeping people company on the couch, a Quilted Pet Throw and Paw Shaped Pillow protect the couch and keep Fido comfortable while the pet lover stays snug under a Cozy Dog Breed Fleece Throw. The holidays wouldn't be the holidays without treats, and a gift wouldn't be a gift without a toy. While Fido plays with his new holiday Tuff Toys and snacks on his 75-Pc. Gourmet Dog Treat Gift Box, keep the pet lover busy reading Heartwarming Letters from Doggie or Chicken Soup for the Soul for Pet Lovers. If Fido is happy, his owner is happy, too. For instructions on how to put this basket together, click here.

The Little Princess

There's no limit to what we have to offer the Little Princess! The Princess overnight bag overflows with pink! At home or on a sleepover, the little lady in your life will be ready to hit the hay with her doll and their Matching Girl and Doll Nightgown Set. They can snuggle up with a Plush Fleece Throw past bedtime while reading Books with a Flashlight under the covers way past their bedtime. Sweet dreams on winter evenings will never be boring with this set of gifts! Click here for ideas on how to put together a gift basket for the Little Princess.

Creative gifts are a wonderful way to show how much you care. Shop The Lakeside Collection for all sorts of unique gifts to help you create your own custom gift baskets that are sure to impress. Lakeside has gifts for every occasion and holiday at affordable prices.