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Gifts For The Outdoorsy Couple

For the couple who's Crazy for Camo, we've got everything you need to make their outdoor adventures even more fun! Here's how it's done:

1) Choose a container they'll use! Our Deer Duffel Bag is big enough to hold all of their gear, and all of their gifts. However, its soft sides can get a little tricky for displaying heavy mugs and wine glasses. So to make this hardworking duffel do double duty: reinforce it with the cardboard and packing materials used to ship your Lakeside order! Place the boxes so that they add structure to the ends, front and back, and fill the middle with other packing materials to raise and lift the other gifts as they're arranged within the bag.

2) Start adding gifts with our Highland Timber Jackets — one for him, and one for her. Roll each into a neat, tight bundle, and place one on each side of the duffel.

3) Tuck one of each of the Men's Northern Trail Moccasins behind each jacket, lifted and fanned so they can be seen. Place the Women's Northern Trail Moccasins front and center.

4) For their morning coffee, both at home and on the go, include our Mossy Oak Mug Gift Sets in both green and pink. Fill the ceramic mugs with fluffs of tissue paper and push them in front of the women's slippers. For the travel mugs, place one just behind the women's slippers, and then tape the other to top of the box in which it shipped. Place this entire "tower" behind the other travel mug, to add a striking centerpiece to the entire arrangement.

5) Finally, add two pairs of the Camouflage Wine Glasses —one in green, and one in pink —to the front of the basket. Tuck some tissue paper into each glass, and put the green pair in front of "his" jacket, and the pink pair in front of "hers."

6) Wrap it all up in a large piece of cellophane wrap, and tie it with raffia or a burlap bow to further enhance the outdoorsy appeal.

Now that you know how this gift pack came together, there are many ways you can execute the gift for your loved ones. We have a variety of products to mix and match to make a unique gift for any loved one who is Crazy for Camo!