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How to Host Overnight Guests
When You Only Have One Bathroom

Summer is great for hopping in the car and visiting friends in faraway places and having them visit you. But not everyone has the home to entertain comfortably or a bathroom to accommodate everybody. So how do you host overnight guests with only one bathroom? Here are some tips to make it easy.

Purge & Sanitize

Before your guests arrive, do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom. Get rid of any extraneous items like baby toys, empty shampoo bottles or slivers of soap in the soap dish. And remove anything you don't use daily that is taking up surface area outside of the cupboard. If you can't let it go, put it away until your guests leave. Make sure your shower curtain liner is new or very clean and do a thorough scrubbing of the tub and toilet. It may seem ambitious, but the more hotel-like your bathroom is, the more comfortable your guests will be with it and the more comfortable you'll be sharing it.

Soap & Supplies

If you have travel-sized shampoos and soaps leftover from your last hotel stay, bring those out and set them aside for your guests. If you don't have any, take a trip to the drugstore to get some. They're fairly inexpensive and it takes the awkwardness out of your guests having to use your toiletries. It's polite and sanitary to give them their own soaps in case they forgot to bring their own.

Linen & Laundry

Provide a set of clean towels — bath towel, hand towel and washcloth. Put them on your guest's bed next to the accent pillows or set them aside in the bathroom so they know the towels are for them. Set aside a laundry bag for them, or show them where to put their dirty towels so they don't have to ask. Lastly, supply them with slippers or flip-flops for walking between the bathroom and bedroom — it's just another layer of comfort added to their stay. Again, the more the room is like a hotel bathroom, the less your guests will feel like they are putting you out.

Time & Mind

Forget your routine for a few days and adjust your bathroom schedule to your guest's bathroom schedule. Your guests will likely do the same to make things easier on you, and if everyone is trying to be respectful of each other's bathroom time, there won't be too many conflicts.

Having guests is difficult and it's even more difficult in small spaces. Remember to make your visitors as comfortable as possible. They will likely do the same for you when you visit them.

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