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Maximizing Your Limited Kitchen Space

Are your cabinets packed to the gills or your countertops overflowing with too much of everything? Whether you have a walk-in kitchen or just one that seems a little too tiny for your storage needs, there are some easy solutions to get more out of the small space you have to work with.

Liberate your drawers!

Generally speaking, we tend to make poor use of our kitchen drawers. We stuff them with large utensils, accessories, pouches and packets of food items -- even takeout menus. Take a tip from your local diner and use rotating stands for creamers and coffee pods. Save even more space by using undertrays with pullout drawers that you can place below your coffee machine or other appliances. A few handy items like these can open up those drawers for more efficient use.

Hang in there

When it comes to saving space, a couple of wall hooks can make a world of difference. Many utensils have hanging holes and one large, strong hook can hold several utensils to clear out drawers or overcrowded counter storage. You can also hang dishtowels, potholders, and many other items so they are up and out of your way. Those non-kitchen items that somehow end up in that room can also be hung: umbrellas, keys, pet leashes, reusable grocery bags, and more.

Unite and conquer!

Matching storage sets are not merely economical and attractive, but they can truly make the most of limited space in your refrigerator and cabinets. When full, containers from coordinated sets usually stack easier and closer together than mismatched containers of different shapes and sizes. This makes it easier to keep them in a more compact area in the fridge. And when empty, they often nest together to store many containers in a very limited area.

Keeping it all together

Adding a pullout basket or shelf to space-starved areas might seem counterproductive. But these handy units can hold more items closer together and more securely, or let cans lay flat without rolling. This can allow you to store more things around them without worrying about knocking items over or having to configure all the contents in a fridge or cabinet for access instead of space considerations. You can even find pullout storage that stacks together, which can really increase your options.

Clear out!

You will be surprised how much extra room you have when you take unnecessary items out of the kitchen. Don't leave your handbag on the kitchen counter, get those old newspapers and magazines off the table, move those baby toys back to the little one's room, and move any non-essential cleaning supplies to a closet or the garage. Before you know it, your teeny kitchen will look positively titanic!

At The Lakeside Collection®, we carry a giant selection of storage products to help you get organized. And while you're here, be sure to check out all our great values, from trend-setting fashions to bathroom decorations and everything in between.