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Outdoor Activities To Enjoy This Fall


Summer is over and it's starting to get a bit chilly, but that doesn't mean you have to take all your activities indoors -- you still have a bit of time before Old Man Winter shepherds you inside for the season. There are so many things you can do outside that you couldn't do over the summer, and now you can thoroughly enjoy them without missing the sunshine and afternoons at the pool. Here are 6 outdoor activities to enjoy fall.


Apple Entertainment

Even if you're not a baker, there are many things you can take away from a weekend of apple-picking besides apples. Every state in the union has an apple orchard, and there are about 2,500 varieties of apples grown across the country. In some places, they open up the farms to let you pick out the apples you want to take home. If it's just an autumn experience and a little pre-holiday joy you're looking for, most of those farms open to the public allow you to take a stroll through the orchards to enjoy fall's brilliance. If you don't like apples and your fall go-to produce is pumpkin, many orchards also have pumpkin patches where you can select your own.


Fly Kites

With the wind starting to stir up the autumn air, it's the perfect time of year for flying kites. Not only does a good fall breeze give your kite a lift, but it also makes the activity more challenging in the most soothing way. When it starts to get too chilly to go to the pool, put on your baseball shirts and make the park your outdoor destination to launch your kite into the fall gusts before they become winter gales.

Fondness For Fronds

Being able to take time out to enjoy the scenery only happens a few times a year. Spring and fall go head-to-head for their natural displays of beauty, and it's unfair to compare the oranges and reds of fall leaves to the pinks and purples of spring. In either season, taking a tour is a magical activity to enjoy nature's excellence. With a leader or a self-guided tour, bike through colorful courses, drive down vibrant avenues or hike in the striking beauty you only see from September to November.

  • Corn Confusion

    Corn mazes aren't accessible to everyone, but to those that are, it's must-do fall activity -- with or without kids. Surprisingly, there are corn mazes all across the country. Most of them are in the Midwest, but there are many mazes from California to Maine that give you a place to get lost for the afternoon. Some farms go all out for Halloween, offering a scary adventure after dark and allowing only flashlights to brighten the path through the corn puzzle.

  • Make A Scarecrow

    Though farmers now have more innovative ways to drive away crows from their crops, scarecrows are still symbols of a bountiful harvest in the fall. You may not have a farm to carry out the fall tradition of putting up a scarecrow, but it makes fun decor for the garden, porch, or front yard. For the little ones, it's a fun distraction from the kids' games online to get out and make your own scarecrows. Even if you don't have access to a bale of hay, you can make a scarecrow to suit your decor. Check out this tutorial.

  • Chow Down On Chili

    Just about every community holds a chili cook off every fall where contestants are dying to share their secret recipes to take home to big prize. Vegetarian or with meat, with or without tomatoes, it adds spice to a Sunday afternoon in the fall. Get out your slow cooker and start testing your recipe or get ready to enjoy a good bowl of chili -- it's the ideal way to warm up on an autumn weekend.

Whether you're baking pies or apple dumplings with the hand-picked apples you brought home from the farm or you need travel bags for your fall weekend getaway, shop The Lakeside Collection to make your fall weekend plans perfect.