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Rearrange Your Furniture & Renew Your Home!

The new year is here, and your home may need a quick refresh. No renovation is required to make it feel new—a little bit of furniture rearranging may help improve your surroundings. Here are 7 tips for arranging your furniture right to make your home feel new.


Always consider how a door opens into a room. Whether it swings in or swings out will determine where you can place big and small pieces of furniture.


Don't think about hanging your new NFL gifts from Christmas, re-hanging wall art or mirrors until you've arranged the furniture. What goes on your wall should be hung in relation to the couch, bed, or bookcase.


Curtains can change your perception of a room's size. The higher they're hung and the lower they fall, the bigger the room looks. Curtains should also be wider than the window—just 1-2 more feet will make the room look more expansive.


If you have hardwood floors, rugs can make a room cozier. The only rule for area rugs is to make them big. They should cover as much surface area as possible and most, if not all, furniture should be able to sit on top of the rug. This makes the room seem bigger and spacious. If rugs are too small you run the risk of making the room look small and uncomfortable.

Living Room

Coffee tables and couches should take up a lot of room, but they should be framed by a little bit of space between walls or other pieces of furniture. This creates an illusion that the room is much bigger than it is and visually makes it more comfortable while you're binge-watching House of Cards. The couch can even be placed in the middle of the room with a walkway behind it to give the room an open ambiance, but allow at least 3 feet of space if it's a high-traffic walkway. If you're working with chairs in addition to the couch, four feet between the pieces is a standard distance and about a foot-and-a-half space between the couch and coffee table is common.


The bed should be the centerpiece of the bedroom, as it is the largest piece of furniture. It should go on the opposite side of the room of the door or on the longest wall. For getting in and out of bed, there should be at least 2 feet between the bed and the wall, and the end of the bed should be at least 3 feet from the door.

Dining Room

Let your chandelier (or overhead lighting) guide you. Use it as your focal point and arrange your furniture based on its placement. Center the table relative to the chandelier. For chairs and spacing, remember that each person needs about 2 feet of space at the table with about 4 feet of space between the wall and the table.

Making your home feel new doesn't necessarily mean you have to take out a wall. Sometimes moving your furniture around can revive your home and add cheer without putting in too much effort or money.

The Lakeside Collection has hundreds of items to renew your home this year. Whether you need something from the pet shop to make your pup more comfortable or you're looking for new linens, shop The Lakeside Collection for great products at reasonable prices.