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Sandbox Safety

Kids playing in a sandbox

Outdoor playtime for little ones usually means a lot of time in the sandbox. But just like any other toy they enjoy, the sandbox needs to be safe and clean. Here are 5 tips to make sure your sandy play area is safe.

Keep It Natural

Some sands sold for sandboxes are made with crystalline silica or tremolite, both of which are known carcinogens. The Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn't have standards for play sand, but in California, products containing carcinogens require a label. Natural river or beach sand can be purchased, but there are other safe sands for sale that have been sifted and washed.

Keep It Clean

Just like a pool, when the sandbox isn't being used it should be covered. This prevents animals and bugs from getting into it and spreading germs. Keeping it dry also helps in the prevention of bacteria and mold growth. A plastic tarp makes an acceptable cover.

Renew It or Rinse It

Sandbox sand should be replaced every two years. "Washing" sand is an option. For this, use large buckets and a hose. Fill buckets halfway with sand and gently fill the rest with water. The water pressure should be low enough that the sand doesn't spill out with water. Stir the sand occasionally and when the water runs clear, your sand is clean.

Keep It Shielded

Make sure your sandbox is placed in a spot shielded from wind. This reduces the chance of sand getting in your child's eyes. In the case it does happen, make sure your child doesn't rub his or her eyes as this can cause corneal abrasion. Rinse the eyes with clean water and encourage your child to blink until all the particles have been flushed out.

Keep It Outside

Make sure your child's hands are washed before and after playing in any sandbox and steer clear of the sandbox if your child has an open cut or sore. Make sure sandbox toys stay in the sandbox. Whether they're using old cooking utensils to sift sand or a ball for tossing, keep these toys exclusively for the sandbox to help prevent germs or bacteria from being tracked into your home. Following those tips can reduce the risk of your child or other children getting sick.

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