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The Bench: Storage in Disguise

The bench is such a simple piece of furniture, but it's not a piece that's at the forefront of your mind for decorating or functionality. Here are 6 storage ideas for a bench in your home.

1) Entryway

In the entryway or foyer, a bench is a resting area to remove muddy or wet shoes, or a spot to put your bags while you remove your coat. Use the underside of the bench to keep frequently worn shoes to minimize dirt tracked into the house from the outside.

2) Bookshelf

In the living room, an extra seat is also an extra bookshelf. It's a practical way to rearrange your clutter, add space for funny books and add character to your decor. Under a window, it's a compact couch for reading on a sunny day or to accommodate extra guests on special occasions.

3) Luggage Rack

For the guest room, a bench is a luggage rack and temporary dresser. Guests use the seat of the bench to unpack a suitcase and, with storage baskets under the bench, guests can store their most-used travel items.

4) Bathroom

Surface area is a premium in the bathroom. Adding a bench or vanity bench gives you a place to sit while you're getting ready for work or for bed. A bench also provides a place to rest items that don't need a permanent spot, like a change of clothes or pajamas. Create a space for extra towels and bathroom accouterments underneath the bench.

5) Child's Bedroom

In a child's bedroom, a bench is a place to play and lounge, as well as a place to store kids' toys and dolls. For a shared room, it's a room divider and peacemaker.

6) Study

In the study, a bench converts an office into a guest bedroom. A bench wide enough can act as a stylish daybed with convenient storage space for guests under the bench.

Bringing a bench into a room that needs extra storage space is an alternative to doing structural modifications — no cabinets have to be installed and no holes need to be drilled to give you extra space. It's not a storage magic bullet, but the bench is a practical storage solution.

When you're in the market for bathroom storage or new ways to decorate your kitchen, The Lakeside Collection® has inspiration for what you need. Shop here for all your home decorating remedies.