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Tips For Choosing The Best Bathroom Colors

We know that color choices make a big impact on the overall feel of any room. Sometimes you want to re-do your current bathroom's decor, and other times you might go for an entire A-Z renovation. Regardless of your bathroom plans this year, here are a few tips for how and why to choose the right colors and combinations for your bathroom.

Color Wheel: Use the Power of Three

This all starts with a color wheel, and as any designer will tell you, ends with a beautifully decorated bathroom using complementary or analogous colors. Pick one rich or bold color on the color wheel, and then using the color either directly across the color wheel, or on either side, select the accent color. Choose your neutral color as either a super light hue of the rich shade, or with a standard neutral gray-scale color.

Match Color with Bathroom Style

If you've got an antique bathroom style with a claw-foot tub, a cream-colored distressed vanity, and a standalone sink, certain colors will look better here, like warmer hues and shades of pink. For more modern and geometric bathrooms, choose bright colors like lime green and royal blue. The bold colors will match the bold shapes to complete the style.

Go Pale for Small Bathrooms

The best thing to do for a small bathroom is to go with light, pale shades, and keep the richer colors for the accent. Try for a pale pink with a hint of yellow to brighten up the space and give the appearance that it is bigger than it really is. You can also choose pearly shades of cream, gray, and teal.

Choose Calming Colors for Saunas

If you've got a nice jet-spraying Jacuzzi in your bathroom, consider choosing calming colors to help you relax after a long day. Pale blues and greens have a calming effect, which can be further enhanced with a few candles. If you're looking for relaxation in your bathroom, make sure you have a lot of space and these calming tones.

Avoid Red

You can certainly use shades of pink and orange, but for adult bathrooms, it's wise to avoid red. Color psychology tells us red is used for high-energy spaces, which is why you see so many cooking utensils and kitchen accessories in this deep shade. Save the energetic reds for the kids' toys and towels and treat yourself to something a little more relaxed.

Rely on White

When all else fails, your fallback color should be white. White looks clean and feels bright and open. This is an especially great color for guest bathrooms, as it will help visitors feel comfortable using your space. Highlight it with a shade of pale gray or lavender, then add silver fixtures and white and deep purple hand towels to make it more unique.

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