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Types of Books to Keep Kids
Busy at Every Age This Summer

The kids are back from camp, they've had enough of the pool and cheap toys, and you're down to your last idea to occupy them: reading. Here are 4 types of books to keep kids of every age busy this summer.

1) Folktales and Fables

Folktales and fables are stories passed down from generation to generation that typically have a universal and timeless theme. These stories inspire creative thinking by incorporating supernatural elements. This invites kids' minds out of their everyday lives and puts them in a time and a place their imaginations might not take them on their own. Folktales and fables spark their creativity and encourage kids to imagine their own mystical stories.

2) Adventure Books

Adventure books teach the structure of a story, or the story arc. By definition, an adventure is exciting, which should be enough to grab a child's interest. As the child moves through the book, he or she will be able to understand the setup (the introduction to the main characters and the situation), the confrontation (the complications and obstacles leading to the climax), and the resolution (how the characters handle the climax and move forward). Adventure books are just about the easiest way to learn storytelling.

Humor history favorites

3) Trivia Books

Not only does trivia fill kids' heads with knowledge, it also improves brain function. According to, trivia enhances your ability to reason and solve problems. Trivia also helps reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Stress prevents the brain from thinking clearly and blocks concentration.

Books and Media

4) Dystopian Novels

Like vampires and robots, there's an ebb and flow of interest in dystopian novels. Right now, kids can't get enough of them. They're geared toward teenagers who can see parallels between their lives and the lives of the characters in the books who are struggling with social change. They identify with the repression and learn the importance of freedom and individuality. Each book has its own set of lessons to take away, and generally hope is one of the virtues promoted.

Whatever your child decides to read, it's a good alternative to television. When children actively use their brains, they're helping their minds develop positive habits for the future.

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