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Types Of Motivational Books You Should Know About

Feeling low? Need something to get you out of the doldrums? Maybe it's even a little deeper than that and you really want to take stock of your life and where it's headed. If there are problems or feelings you can't seem to discuss with friends, there may be some answers found in motivational books that have helped countless readers.

Spiritual Guidance

No matter what your religious affiliation or spiritual leanings, there are books written that make ideology relatable to everyday life. From scholarly examinations of how faith has shaped history to simple collections of short prayers and devotionals, there is a volume out there with the right approach to what troubles you. There are also many fine books written with spiritual messages for those who don't follow an organized religion, ranging from reflections on the cycles of nature to guides to more studied introspection.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Books

"Comfort Food" Reading

The uplift you're looking for may have less to do with seeking a new path than just feeling better about the one you've already taken. Many best sellers are aimed at sensitive reassurance of the principles you believe in and the life goals you have set. No matter how steadfast our beliefs and commitments, we all need a little encouragement from time to time. Talented writers who share your life strategies offer their support via some of the most widely read books today.

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Sometimes we get so caught up in the difficulties of life that we forget about its many pleasures. The most important lesson any of us learn may simply be to enjoy life, and humor is a universal key to doing just that. While a good laugh is its own reward, there are a variety of books available that take a lighthearted approach to motivation and inspiration — even a good-natured kick in the pants! After all, sometimes a hard lesson goes down easier with a spoonful of sugar...or some pages full of chuckles.

Inspiring Others

Motivational reading material also makes a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member going through some tough times. Of course, sometimes the most encouraging words are your own. Consider writing a short journal to share with a close pal going through a rough patch. And if you have young kids, you can incorporate a bit of inspiration into story time, adding your own take on classic tales. Or pick up a book with recordable audio features to add your own voice to a special message for a child. As he or she grows, that kind of memento will be treasured more than all the kids' toys they ever played with.

The Lakeside Collection® frequently carries motivational books for different ages, beliefs and backgrounds. You'll also save when you shop with us for your everyday needs, from fashionable apparel to handy kitchen gadgets and so much more.